Greetings from the GFD

Hello all. Been following XLADV on FB for a few months, and was so impressed with the reviews, I decided to join the forum as a good resource. Always game to learn stuff from people who are more knowledgable than myself.

Im 52 and grew up in Spokane. I have lived on both sides of the state and love Washington. Currently reside in the God Foresaken Desert (GFD) and do most of my day rides over here on the dry side. I used to think there wasn't anyplace worth riding out here, but I have since proven myself wrong. Seek and ye shall find..... So I've been doing a lot of "seeking".

I got into the ADV scene after buying a 2008 WeeStrom. It was a great bike, but I wanted something that was a little more stable on long stretches of 2 lane. I settled on a 2012 Super Tenere, which I love. My son just bought the Wee from me, so it's close by if I want to visit.

Inspired by some rides with the PNW Super Tenere Owners Group, I have been venturing out on more sketchy terrain than my previous nicely groomed forest roads. Last October I took a day ride over section 5 of the WABDR between Ellensburg and Mission Ridge. That started an uncontrollable cascade of events. I toyed with idea of a dirt bike, but wanted something bigger to haul my not so dainty carcass around the woods. I went and rode with a friend on some trails near Odessa. Big mistake. The KTM 500 EXC I rode was phenomenal. So I got my hands on an older 400 EXC recently and the love affair is ongoing. It's been a slightly painful learning experience (been over the bars twice now), but I am no less enamored with that KTM. Still spend majority of my time on the ST but the trail riding is awesome.

The wife rides a Triumph Bonneville T100 and a BMW F700 GS low. She's my main riding partner, and has recently been out with me on some tame gravel roads. She's a pretty awesome rider for a person who in 2010 had never ridden before.

Well I think that covers it for the most part.

Welcome Sasquatch! 


Fellow Washingtonian here, however I reside on the wet side outside of Olympia. 


Planning on more WABDR this summer? I've done the half south of Ellensberg, but then got shut down by the forest fires in 2013. Think I'm gonna chip away at it again this summer. 


Are you headed to the Touratech Rally?


We get a few more XLADV riders in Washington, and were gonna have to have a meet up!

I sensed WA was kind of Squatchy :)


I will be coming through there Aug 5 headed south on WABDR on my way back from IDBDR :)

Glad to have you! I look forward to reading some of your ride reports and seeing your pics and/or video. I grew up in the pac nw, so I have a good idea of what the terrain is like there. Pretty beautiful all things considered, even the dry side of the Cascades. But, getting into the green parts of the map isn't too far/hard.

"She's my main riding partner, and has recently been out with me on some tame gravel roads. She's a pretty awesome rider for a person who in 2010 had never ridden before."


Women learn faster because they are better I'm told....I can't find one to listen to me.

Hello XLADV members,

New here to this forum. Stats: 2010 R1200GSA, not much done to it compared to others. Been riding over 30 years, mostly street and road race bikes. Tinkered off road with a CR250, CR500, several quads, a WR450 and a KLR650. The KLR left me wanting much more so I got a VStrom 1000.

My second one was battle tested on I-5 in Seattle. It lost and was parted out at the local salvage yard.


Nine cracks on seven ribs, scuffed knee, broken finger and tons of sore muscles. After some recovery, I found the GSA and have been very slowly getting back into riding again.

I relocated from Mesa, AZ to Lancaster, CA last year and have been looking for a bit more fun than the Angeles Crest HWY, or Santa Monica to Solvang trips I have been doing lately.


Anyone here from the High Desert L.A. area?



Welcome Loren. Glad to have you.  :thumbsup:  I used to be somewhat close to (Vegas), but I'm out on the opposite coast now. I do miss the riding in your neck of the woods, that's for sure.


I know Eric Hall, our other site admin. rides the So. Cal dez a fair bit. I"m sure that he'll pop in soon.


How'd you find us?

Wow, Lancaster, huh?  You live close to all the best dirt!


I will keep you in mind for any impromptu desert rides but it's getting a bit warm now so not much more time left.

Bryan, My friend Jim Gary pointed me towards XLADV after some photos from the Overland expo near Flagstaff AZ this month. Something I would have gone to if I was still in AZ or had any vacation left over.


Eric, if the ride is not too challenging, I am up for it. Is there a local group that might convene for bike maintenance or tall tales over beer?

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