BMW Baja Scrambler

Very cool


I volunteer to test it!




It seems that BMW Motorrad, to promote the launch of the new R 1200 SCRAMBLER, a model which derives from the R nineT, intends to entrust to the major North American distributors some rather special specimens. This would definitely mean "official"racing bikes , prepared to be able to participate to the famous Baja 1000, a famous and widely followed by USA fans race in the desert.
The bikes would be entrusted to pilots specialists for this competition in order to give this model the maximum visibility.
BMW values the US market a lot and the new off-road, "simplified" in comparison to the bloated GS, seems the right model for a great success.
Returning to the special "BAJA", the differences with the on sale model are quite evident, particularly in terms of chassis while in terms of engine, although certainly present, will be less obvious.
For Americans Beemers, it will be difficult to accept that the few prepared"BAJA" , will not be for sale.

For sure not a Beemer guy... But I like it!!!

I'd like to hear it!

"Bloated GS"?  It just has a few extra pounds in all the right places.


"For Americans Beemers, it will be difficult to accept that the few prepared 'BAJA', will not be for sale."   &%$#@!?  AYFKM?

at least the cylinders are out of the 'shin buster' zone if you need to put your foot down in a hurry.

Looks like fun.

Apart from looks, which are great, what could this bike have over the HP2? I know this engine was mildy updated but it's essentially the same block as used in the HP...


I ask, as I hear people asking about an updated HP2 Enduro, potentially based on the RNineT... and apart from coming with decent suspension as stock, it's hard to image what they could do to update it, without going to the water cooled engine...

A bigger tank and better suspension

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