My new Protaper YZ High handlebars for V-Strom


My bike decided it was time to take a nap when I came over a rise while riding some single track. This low speed unscheduled dirt sampling resulted in my handlebars bending enough to make it feel "wrong" when on the bike.


After much navel gazing and dimension checking online I decided on the YZ High Protaper SE bars. So far I'm pleased with them as it noticeably reduced the sweep in the handlebars. However I do think I'll put some form of riser on to get back and inch or two of height. The bars are fine for my commute but any long rides and I think I'll want the height.


I also need to get the Barkbuster Storm handguards back on but first I need to purchase different mounting hardware due to the smaller I.D. of the Protaper bars.


Here are some pics of the before and after. I took the pad off after the picture was taken.


Looks good. I've always had good luck with ProTaper Handlebars. I've been running their Evo line for a while now.

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