XLADV Project Bike: Rottweiler Performance

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I first found out about Rottweiler Performance from Facebook after I was about to get an 1190 R sometime around Dec of '13.  I didn't end up getting that bike but two friends, Alan Clinkingbeard and Tolga Basol, did and they both got kitted out with new air intakes (and other stuff) from Rottweiler Performance.


We did our New Year's Baja trip last year and we kept passing and getting passed by the Rottweiler shop ride crew and I was absolutely astounded at Christian Parker's (Rottweiler's lead man) bike from how it sounded to how I saw it perform, etc...  I tried keeping up with him for about a half mile and soon realized that was folly :)  It reminded me of the time I tried to keep up with Jon Beck on his 990 coming out of Mike's Sky Rancho.


So this whole Rottweiler KTM thing was really a big part of me choosing this project bike in the first place, so you can imagine how excited I was to learn that Christian Parker wanted to help us out.


I eventually did get to ride Alan's 1190 R off road at our Troy Meadows ride last year and was blown away.  Then in Death Valley last December I got to ride Tolga's 1190 R and was equally impressed but blown away at the roar of that air intake.  It sounds like a trophy truck!


I originally knew Rottweiler Performance for their air intake systems but have come to realize they do a great deal more of a lot of key KTM aftermarket parts as well and will continue to be in the near future.


Today was spent over at Rottweiler's shop going over our shopping list, doing a pre-mod dyno test and then getting a baseline db reading off the stock exhaust.


Some photos:


Working on a Porsche project

20150611 112334

A sweet KTM Super Duke 1290 for which Rottweiler makes a cool damper kit

20150611 112345

Our pre-mod dyno readout shows about 90 hp and 60 ft/lb of torque.  We think we can get 7-10 more ponies out of this bike with the new air intake but more importantly shed 28.8 lbs (!) of weight with their "diet parts" kit of a new lithium Antigravity battery, SAS removal, 2 to 1 exhaust.

20150611 140434

Christian taking some baseline db readings from the bone-stock exhaust.  Results were 92 db at 2' and 45 degree angle.

20150611 151445

Got the stock cans off and working on getting the rear pipes off and ready for Rottweiler's 2:1 exhaust and other goodies  :)

Putting a custom configuration together for the Adventure 990 bike build as I type.  We've got these dialed. Big props to XL ADV for putting it together and offering to purchase all the cervezas the next time we see them in Baja. Very kind of you!

  • 990 Rottweiler Intake System (-3 lbs)
  • 40 Cell Pre Filters
  • Snap Out 60 second pre filter change
  • Rottweiler Performance High Fender Kit
  • Rottweiler Performance Single Side Out kit (-16 lbs)
  • Quick Flip Mirror Mounts
  • SAS Emissions Removal Stage 3 (-2.6 lbs)
  • Antigravity Battery YTZ10-112 (-6.5 lbs)

Edited by Chris Parker

Had an awesome day at Rottweiler Performance yesterday and got just about all our stuff for the bike build.  It is going to be a lot of fun putting this all together now :)  Alan said he may come over today to help.  I'm paying him in beer I think.


Alan came along since he wanted to find out more about some of RP's 1190R parts.  Chis started up his 1190R to give us an idea of the sound.  Impressive!


This high fender solution will look like this (Chris's 990) and we'll include that in the custom graphics wrap later.




Our foldout mirrors are really cool too



What a tray of these mirror parts look like


Some of you may have seen this bad boy; a prototype aux gas tank to replace the left side muffler that the 2:1 pipe replaces.  LOTS of 990 guys really excited about this.  Word is the finished product will extend just a bit further and have a very smart finish to it that hugs the tail well.


It was nice to get to see the buzz of activity over there.  That would probably explain all the positive comments their customers are leaving online.  Most people who've heard of Rottweiler think air boxes and that's certainly something they're known for, but what they may not know is how much they're expanding into new areas.  I was pleasantly surprised to find they also carry tires, so I picked up an 18" rear TKC-80 for our project bike and had to stop myself from buying not just everything else they have (Rekluse) but found myself drooling over all kinds of cool stuff in their R&D pipeline I'm not at liberty to discuss.
Our shocks came yesterday but the FedEx person only left me a note and they said I have to wait until Tuesday now for re-delivery.  No, they won't let me come pick it up. :(  So my goal is to get the 2:1 pipe and exhaust on today (at least) so I can get that rear (and front forks) on the bike next week.
The next post should be a detailed look at that 2:1 pipe installation and a bit of why that's such a key component for this bike.



Installation of this 2:1 single side out exhaust system was a breeze.  Got it done with Alan's help today and took maybe 30 min.  A bit of trial and error as we didn't pay close enough attention at first but a bit less if you do.  I found one of my exhaust gaskets got stuck in the old H-pipe and I couldn't get it out intact, so it was good I got another one just in case.


Looks great too, huh?




 So what is the point of all this?  The main reason a 950/990 rider would want to consider this is the huge 16 lb/7.25 kg weight savings.  There's also the KILLER sound!  And if you find it too loud for your taste, there's a sound baffle insert you can use to tone it down a bit.  So then you can just go rip it up with that weight savings or... maybe you could go ahead and add their left side aux fuel tank (shown in the post above).  You decide. :)
This is not an ordinary pipe either.  Rottweiler's 2:1 single side out insert is made to the most demanding specification to ensure HIGH quality, no loss in flow and superior fit.  They use heli arc welding with a full argon gas purge; something no one in production exhaust is doing.  What that does is eliminate what they call "sugaring" or a rough scaling protrusion commonly found in production exhaust that can inhibit flow.  They kind of know what they're doing here.
So what does it sound like then?
Take a listen

Looking and sounding better every post! Cannot wait to see the finished product.

FYI - it was great hanging out with you and Alan. I have the KTM itch now.

Thoughts? I was hoping that you'd have revved that puppy up a bit so I could here her sing... Tease!!!

All in good time...

Got the high fender kit on today!  I will have some close ups later of the shock protectors.  I need to find my Rottweiler stickers that go on there.


Got the Antigravity battery in too.  That's part of Rottweiler's "diet parts" package but since I got it directly from Antigravity's corporate office, I documented that over in that thread.


High fender kit looks GOOD!


Another exciting day over at Rottweiler Performance.  I picked up their intake system for the 990 adventure and got another sneak peek at some exciting things coming out.  I would have done that last week but they were waiting on finishing up a few details on a new base plate.


IMG 0297

IMG 0298


Rottweiler is all about continuous improvement in their quest to be the best.  They've put a new coating on base plate that actually is mil-spec for reflecting heat.  You may notice they've gone to an ultra-lightweight pocketed billet aluminum with an optional plug for the crankcase breather.  Don't want the breather?  Put a plug in it!  You now have that option.


What this little nifty thing is called is their "Snap Out," a quick-release device that with just a quarter turn lets you quickly take the glove box off and do a filter change in under 60 seconds.

IMG 0291

Watch Chris do it in less time...
There's also the "Dog House" box giving you 128 cubic inches of storage where you can keep you tools.  They have an optional zipper bag that fits really well in there to keep all your tools in.  The SAS removal kit that I'll talk about later frees up quite a bit of space in there, so this is a great value-add.

IMG 0294

Yes, his 990 is really THAT clean!  I guess if he uses it that much for demo videos, r&d, etc... it makes sense to keep it looking so nice.
Right now I'm in the middle of the installation process for their air intake, this Snap Out kit and the Dog House box.  I was REALLY intimidated by it but I put on my big girl panties, watched the installation video and found it only took me 30 minutes to get the crash bars off, tanks off and into the process.  I spent about 2.5 hours last night on it and it's almost done.
I will have more on that process very soon and tell you about the weight savings and horsepower gains...


Wish my Tiger was that easy... :o

Video too!

Well I finally got it just about all installed!  Only the Quick Flip mirrors remain to be installed.


Here's another video but at this type of slow speed it sounds pretty much as it did before.  The big difference is when you're throttling up on acceleration into 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc... gears on the road.  It sounds INTIMIDATING!  I've said before it sounds like a trophy truck.


The benefits:

  • 10-13 more horsepower
  • ~27 lbs of weight loss
  • No more jerky on/off throttle; better low and mid range response
  • Snap out kit gives us 45 second filter changes now :)
  • Dog House storage box a plus
  • Rotweiler's SAS and fuel O2 dongles are well-made and keep your ECU happy


The pain points:

  • Right side SAS removal/replacement is tricky on the 990.  Take your time!
  • Tigon hose clips tend to want to twist when squeezed so be patient getting those on.  The throttle body barbs are so good, you really don't even need these clips.

This installation process was actually a LOT of fun!  I was really intimidated but I just watched Rottweiler's videos and dove right in.  The tanks need to come off but that turned out to be a lot easier than I thought.  It was nice generally just to see how the bike is put together by doing all this.  It helps me understand my own machine better.  That's always a good thing  :D


Next up will be installing the Quick Flip mirror mounts....

But not before I post another video.  Dang that sound!

Was at Rottweiler Performance again today getting a new map for my ECU and picking up a pre-filter.


Funny, I just pulled the bike up to the CEO's desk!  :lol:



Shot this cool vid of their "fast removal auxiliary fuel tank" prototype too!  Expect to see a finished product perhaps at the KTM Rally this Sept.



Rottweiler is getting ready to fabricate that auxiliary tank and here are a few updated pics:


11958068 887378104678398 8655625133555102717 O

11951546 887378168011725 8326290538422659258 O

11950259 887378151345060 1137215546605220385 O

11947917 887378031345072 8547171428837437430 O

11896392 887378131345062 2733288492667637353 O

11884664 887378041345071 8468447716774749044 O

11224198 887378068011735 7711701449032663108 O

11113582 887378038011738 6510600847230806523 O


Pulled the pre filter off to clean today. 4300 miles; 1250 of that IDBDR.


Came out great using the No Toil cleaner I got from Rottweiler Performance.


A few more goodies from Rottweiler I'd love to put on the bike at some point...


Their Endurocell gas tank


058  59180.1441664246.1280.1280

And a new tail tidy kit (for sale soon)

11229922 891032437646298 5144888915645842618 O


Look who just won "Best Vendor" at the KTM Rally in Crested Butte...


That's Christian Parker of Rottweiler Performance


11046501 900723433343865 7155300940522680447 N

We are going to put one of these Endurocell tanks on the project bike tomorrow. I will have a video demo of that shortly