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Black Dog Cycle Works



Black Dog Cycle Works is helping us out with some pegs, skid plate, side stand relocation kit and some Hepco & Becker pannier racks.  I can't imagine this bike without any other plate, given this is kind of where BDCW make their initial mark in the industry.


BDCW is run by Kurt and Martha Forget, two fine people who live in Idaho when it's warm and Baja when it's cold :)


This video from The Ride of My Life is really a great intro into who they are and what they're all about



My experience with them began after my initial aftermarket skid plate failed on me.  For the oilhead GS/GSA, there really is no better skid plate out there, and BDCW makes plates for quite a few more bikes as well that are just as solid.


But that's not where it ends... BDCW does much more.  Their pegs are second to none - big, light and what they call "power steering for your bike."  There's even a built-in bottle opener on the bottom!  


I ended up getting my Rigid D2 led lights from them with a great connector solution for my bike, as well as these proprietary bar clamps that put the lights in an ideal spot for visibility and being out of the way should the bike tip over.  You'll also find other protection items, luggage solutions (mounts, plates, soft and hard bags, etc...).


Here are some money shots of what we have so far...


20150613 121156

20150613 123106

20150613 124919

Pannier racks by Hepco & Becker came from BDCW yesterday.


I may hold off installing these until the very end.  I think the application of the graphics wrap will be easier without them on.  Same with the engine guards.


I also want to make sure I keep track of the net weight loss.  For the record, we lose 28.5 lbs with all the Rottweiler "diet parts" but we pick up a net 4 lbs (9 lb BDCW plate vs 5 lb stock plate) with the BDCW skid plate and these pannier racks add about 13 lbs.  So that's a net 11.5 lb loss so far.  But wondering if it's fair to add in the pannier rack weight because the original bike didn't have any?  Apples to apples?  I guess since we'll be riding it with the pannier racks on, we need to consider it. :)


What I'll need to do is to weigh the stock wheels because I know the Woody's Wheels we are getting are lighter (and stronger).

Picked up this rear rack from BDCW.  The stock one is rather small and won't hold Rotopax, winch, etc...


Ktm 950 990a And 950se (standard) rear rack 053

Got the rear rack on today.



It's an easy installation; it goes on with the four existing stock bolts.  What's cool about this is:
  • The size.  It's bigger and will hold a larger load more securely
  • Integrated fastening points for either:
    • RotoPax spare fuel can
    • Warn winch


Have the side stand relocation and the skid plate on my 990 and they work, how much do you notice the lowered foot pegs that you have on yours? I'm about the same height 6'4" and was just wondering if the difference is noticeable. Thanks

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Have the side stand relocation and the skid plate on my 999 and they work, how much do you notice the lowered foot pegs that you have on yours? I'm about the same height 6'4" and was just wondering if the difference is noticeable. Thanks

It is noticeable.  BDCW say that they sell more of the lowered vs the regular ones.  I first noticed it on my last bike and knew I was going to want the same in this 990

Thanks guess there's another thing I'll have to get for the 990

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      The BDCW Pillion Rack is a highly functional, rugged yet beautifully-machined product that greatly increases the carrying capacity of the Big GS. And, it works especially well with the BDCW Multi-Function Rear Rack for the GSLC or GSA-LC, but is compatible with most rear racks from other manufacturers, as well as the factory grab rails on the standard GS and GSA.
      Avid adventure riders will appreciate how the BDCW Pillion Rack mounts to their bikes. "Unlike other versions on the market, we intentionally engineered our rack so that it doesn't use the mostly plastic stock keyed release system. We found that the stock release doesn't take to the off-road punishment many of our customers give their bikes.  Ours bolts directly to the frame." says Kurt Forgét of BDCW.
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      NEW KTM Throttle Control Outperforms the Rest
      Another innovative design from the folks at Black Dog Cycle Works (BDCW)

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      Riders who experience the often debilitating wrist pain associated with manually holding the throttle open for long periods will appreciate BDCW's new device. And, without having to fight the throttle 100% of the time, extended slab rides will be far more enjoyable.

      Available exclusively from Black Dog Cycle Works.
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    • By Eric Hall

        I figured now we have a bike, I'd put this thread here.
      What we have is a 2011 KTM 990 Adventure with just 3,000 miles!  It's very clean and has never even been off road before.  We hope to change that!
      My objective is to have a bike we can bring to all our regional events that can showcase some of the best the after market vendor world has to offer.  It's purpose is to become a basis of discussion as to how these things make a difference in our riding.  One of the reasons I picked a 990 is primarily because we couldn't get a new bike donated!  It's also because there are a lot of people making stuff for the 990 and it has a lot of good real estate on which to put custom graphics wrap on.   Besides, the 990 also happens to be a great bike in the dirt.
      It's also important to note here that none of this stuff is "free" that we're getting just because XLADV is so awesome.  This bike came out of my pocket and most of the aftermarket parts are being provided at simply a discount.  I'm happy to showcase these products and put sponsors' logos on the bike for their efforts.  That's one thing I wanted XLADV to stand out for and that's a solid partnership with the v