XLADV Project Bike: Antigravity Batteries



You may have already heard me or someone else talk about the Micro-Start line of jump start/charging batteries.



How cool is it to have a device on-board that can literally jump start an 18 wheeler?  On top of that, it charges my phone, GoPro, Sena SMH10, Sena Prism, etc... for about five days before I have to find a wall plug in to recharge it.


microstart xp10


They also happen to make lithium ion batteries for our bikes that are just as powerful but the real kicker here is the weight savings.  This particular battery will save me a whopping 6lbs!  I've already lost 30 lbs myself and this battery, as part of Rottweiler Performance's "diet parts" package," will save an additional 28.5 lbs!  I'd better start getting good at covering that rear brake lever because I have a feeling my front wheel is going to get a lot lighter!


My 600lb GSA didn't make as much sense to go with a lithium ion battery but I think this 990 does given the total weight we're saving is so significant.


Antigravity Batteries:  the lightest, smallest and most POWERFUL batteries made.

Brown Santa left us this the other day and even after opening the box and seeing the battery, I picked it up and I was thinking "this is the battery? It doesn't weigh anything! ". It's like a box filled with helium.

I will show more on the installation once the shocks come back and I get them back on.



What is that 990 tipping the scales at now?

I should probably get it officially weighed.  I'm more interested in the delta based on what we take off and what we replace.  This Rottweiler Performance "diet parts" package takes off quite a bit (-28.1 lbs) but then we are +5 on our rugged BDCW skid plate (which I do not regret) and then +13 on the Hepco & Becker pannier racks and maybe +8 lbs for the engine bars.  I know the wheels from Woody's are going to be lighter but I'm not sure how much at this point.  I guess I could always ask.


I found somewhere the dry weight is 460 lbs stock

That's pretty impressive, and weight added by protection is often good in the long run. Although some people take that too far(I'm super active sitting on an offshore platform where they called me out over 20 hours early for work)


If your company needs any help, please let me know :)


As for the weight, I'm not too worried about it.  That skid plate is down low and the weight we lost with the Rottweiler kit was higher, so a shift down in center of gravity will be a good thing.

Unfortunately we are suffering and done some downsizing due to oil prices dropping. Also need a kind of weird mix of mechanical/high voltage electrical experience for this job, makes it hard to fit someone in.

Not only do these batteries save weight, I love how they last. While I didn't have an AntiGravity battery, one of the competitive units that I owned was never charged, despite sitting through a couple of cold Denver winters and a couple of hot Vegas summers. When I sold the bike, the battery was still working great. So, I'm a believer in new battery technology such as Lithium.

Update on the battery install...


A few photos showing the two different batteries

Stock Yuasa battery


Antigravity battery


You'll notice the stock battery is taller, so you'll use one of the pads that came with the new Antigravity.  But not this one...



Use the thicker one with the notch cut out of it.  There you go!


Another thing you'll notice is the terminals on the stock battery are in the front near the top, whereas the Antigravity terminals are on the top near the front.  To affix the stock battery leads, you'll need to slightly bend them from their 90 degree angle and then gently rotate the length of the wire 180 degrees so you can now screw the leads to the new battery from the top.  It's a bit tight but wasn't too hard.  Seal that puppy up and you're good to go!



Look what I just picked up!


Dude, the project bike is looking great! Lil' busy, but good!


Dude, the project bike is looking great! Lil' busy, but good!


Where's the flight attendant sit:)

Found a cool overview and review of the Antigravity Batteries Micro Start line so you can decide which is best for you


A video review of lithium ion batteries from Antigravity Batteries


ADVMoto has a piece out today about their using an Antigravity Battery in their project 250 bike...



New battery now that the old one died. The guy at AGB felt the first one was underpowered but it did last 2.5 years so I have no complaints. This new one is 12 cells and 360 cold cranking amps so I'm not sweating it