Richard Hammond: Triumph’s 800XRx is the best handling bike on the planet?

Really diggin' on the new XC. But, not enough to sell my 2013. But, I am a bit jelious of a few upgrades, namely the suspension. Best handling bike on the planet? Not sure about that, but it makes for a good headline. ;)



I have an apology to make. In 2010, when the Triumph Tiger 800 was launched, I said it was the best handling bike in the entire universe, including Planet Zog, which, as you probably know, is where the aliens are still holding Elvis until he tells them what he did with Lord Lucan.

Well, it’s not. It’s just been superseded by the....


Full Article



Triumph Tiger 800 XCx

If it's great for Hammond, it's probably too small for me :)

New GSA is 35 - 35.8 inches in seat height. Tiger is 33 - 33.875. Hammond must be 2/3rds legs b/c I'm 5' 10" and with the tall seat setting, the Tiger is about right.

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