New Feller



 I'm a new feller with a KTM 1190 Adventure R and a KTM Enduro R in my stable. I also have a few vintage British bikes.


I live in Castaic, CA. (So. Cal), but I was born and raised in Harrisburg, PA.





Choices are good! Nice bikes RM... Welcome to XL! :thumbsup:  How'd you find us, if you don't mind me asking?

Welcome! Nice bikes!

I hope you can join us Jul 25 at Fish Creek campground and Sep 3-6 at our High Sierra ride.

If you haven't met the RawHyde crew up there in Castaic then you certainly should.  They do a lot of off road big bike training and set up some really cool guided rides.  Soup to nuts first class too.

I know Jim and his family. In fact, I just ran into his wife and little girl at the grocery store the other night. Jim's birthday is one day before my son's!

I have never done his course and should. I have ran several of the trails, but never have received instruction.


Thanks for the invites. I'd love to do it!

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