Highline Road South Western BC

Destination Mission Mountain Pass  A 12 klm gravel switch-back that during the BC gold rush was quite famous and is still well worth the trip To get there there just follow the map to Seaton Portage . Beautiful lakes and and free camping, if you like to rough it.

The whole area is fun for exploring with a lot of fairly well maintained forest service roads Our Vstroms had no trouble on the dry gravel roads. Be prepared, there are no gas stations or cell phone reception, back there your on your own.

 if you don't mind 12 hours in the saddle this is a fun day trip out of Vancouver, this 600 klm can be done,





highline 007.JPG

shighline 1.jpg


That's amazing. I hear BC has all the best trails

So Beautiful, I need to get back up into some real mountains soon.

We might be a little prejudice up here,but its true....well, Utah has a couple trails too.....come up and try it,you'll like it...:-)

Wow! Thanks for sharing! No cell coverage = :thumbsup: That's what getting away is all about. That's a good place for something like a SPOT satellite tracking though...

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