New CA rider



Just joined the group and looking forward to making some new riding friends.  Longtime dual sport / adventure rider.  Just moved from NC to CA 18 months ago.  Riding a KLR 650 at present and looking to pick up a KTM or Husqvarna dual sport this fall...also work for MAVTV.



Welcome Mark. Glad to have you. Looks like you guys have some interesting channels!


Create a Garage for the KLR so we can see what she looks like! :thumbsup:

Where in CA are you, Mark?  Hope you can join us Jul 24 for our Fish Creek ride and then again Sep 3-6 for High Sierra.

Where were you in NC? Moved here from RTP area about 2 years ago.

Just moved from Charlotte, NC where I worked for SPEED for 15 years to Corona, CA where I now work for MAVTV.  Started out with 12 years at Cycle News a long time ago.


I will create a Garage and upload some KLR photos, just been busy.


Thanks for reaching out, look forward to riding with you guys soon.



Enjoy your low humidity summer riding! I bet that's one thing you won't miss. :thumbsup:

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