XLADV Project Bike: Motomachines

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Motomachines came to us and graciously offered to help out with our project bike!  They are the nation's main distributor for Hepco & Becker products, as well as Ermax molded plastic parts (among many other products).


Brown Santa recently delivered us:


Engine guards


Headlight guard




Got the engine guards (crash bars) on today.  Took me about two hours but that's mostly due to the lower right tank bolt not lining up perfectly, along with time spent aligning the holes for the rear tabs.  There's a strap that wraps around the frame bar and the holes are supposed to line up, but they don't.  The trick is to put a screwdriver through the holes and kind of pry it so they line up.  I had to use pliers to squeeze the strap together so I could get the bolt through.


Left side


Right side


And the headlight guard...

IMG 0285

And pannier racks.  I was really glad these came with new grab handles because I bent the stock on on that off I had Saturday  :lol:

IMG 0287

IMG 0288

Was the tank guard misaligned, or was that something wrong on the 990?

That's a good question.  I suspect it's the bike that was slightly off.  I did lay it down on the left side on Saturday and that could have shifted things slightly.  Who knows.  I didn't take too long to get it on, so no big deal, although I did have to take it off again today to take the tanks off to put the new Rottweiler air box on :)

You do know that now that you have the tank guards on, you'll never lay it down again, right?


It's only when there's no protection that it happens :rolleyes: