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Eric Hall

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What is "Beyond Starbucks?"  It's not a brand but simply the idea that was spawned by one too many big bike jokes; that many people have big adventure bikes but never actually take them adventure riding.  They will go to Starbucks and talk about where they'd like to go but don't always follow up because they: 1) Don't know where to go; 2) Don't know anyone to go with; 3) Don't know how to ride off road; 4) Are afraid they'll break their expensive new bike and/or get hurt themselves.


This is where you should start your journey if you are new to the world of big bike adventure riding.  Go ahead and ask that question.  Maybe it's "what bike should I buy?"  Or "what type of tires should I get?"  Or "do I really need to buy blinker fluid?"


There is no such thing as a stupid question.  We are a community of like-minded enthusiasts and you will find it a welcome place to have all your questions answered.

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