PR: Sena Slashes Price Of Motorcycle Market’s First Audio Action Camera


Global Bluetooth Leader for Powersports Lowers Prism Unit Price to $249 and $199 for the Masses, Launches “Advancing Adventure” Web Series


SAN JOSE, CA – July 10, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  With the elevated popularity of the Prism Bluetooth Audio Action Camera among motorcycle riders around the world, Sena Technologies, Inc., the global leader in Bluetooth innovation for the motorsports, action sports and outdoor sports lifestyles, is reinforcing its unwavering commitment to riders and outdoor sports enthusiasts by lowering the price of the unit from $399 to $249. In addition, Sena is introducing the Prism Lite® pack for riders who are only interested in purchasing the camera without Sena’s mounting kit – offered for an even lower $199 price point.


  • With the ability to shoot high-definition video while simultaneously recording Ultra High Definition Bluetooth 4.1 audio communications between riders, the Prism launched as the first-ever audio action camera – focusing on the specific needs of motorcycle enthusiasts that ride connected to their phones, listen to music and communicate with other riders via intercom. The lower price will make the unique system even more accessible to riders of every variety.
  • Sena is now offering the Prism Lite package – which will include the camera without any of the mounts offered in a full Prism pack. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts with more simple needs – and aimed at accessibility for adventurers, the Prism Lite retails at $199.

“With the launch of the Prism, we sought out to create a new category in cameras – aimed at meeting the needs of countless motorcyclists around the world who see communication and riding connected as a priority,” said Tae Kim, president and CEO of Sena Technologies, Inc. “We’re now elevating our commitment to riders everywhere by making these cutting edge systems even more attainable – whether it’s a young, tech-savvy rider or the most experienced road warrior. We were the first company to create the experience of capturing intercom communications and recording those conversations to video and we will continue forging that path with bigger and better products that will help create and capture the ultimate outdoor adventure.”

Advancing Adventure.

In conjunction with the new Prism pricing announcement, Sena is also unveiling its much-anticipated lifestyle web video series, “Advancing Adventure.”  To be first released in early July by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and Sena online, the spirited set of webisodes will truly showcase the power of Sena’s technology – enabling friends to take group rides to the next level. Allowing the most candid conversations on video – and capturing all the voices that make them such special moments – the Prism’s intangible qualities are on full display as a select group of motorcyclists ride up and down the stunning California coast.

Follow Sena and the AMA on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the series’ launch.


The Prism is able to record high-quality Bluetooth audio while shooting high-definition video into the unit for on-the-fly narration and other user-defined sounds and commentary. The Sena Prism also offers the universal pairing feature allowing it to be paired with any Bluetooth device to provide crystal-clear audio to stunning visual images. Users can mount the camera anywhere within the range of the Bluetooth signal and wirelessly record crystal clear audio and high-definition video on the camera allowing users the ability to place the camera in unique places and still record incredible audio. The Sena Prism is also equipped with an on-board stereo microphone that can be applicable to helmets in active and noisy environments.

Building on the launch of the Prism and its positive industry response – Sena recently debuted the absolutely groundbreaking 10C: the world’s first combined communication and audio action camera system.

Like all Sena Products, The Prism, Prism Lite and 10C are firmware upgradable and include Sena’s industry-leading two-year warranty and are available on For more information as well as the full Sena product line, please visit

Love my Sena Prism

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      Okay, I submitted my first photo to the wrong thread. Yeah I'm a newbie.
      Post photos of your XL dual-sports getting down and dirty...
      Woods ride last Sunday in Tennessee.

    • By Matt Snyman
      Look! A Video!

      What is it like to talk an amazing amount of crap on a ride through Colombia? Well here is the first person experience, complete with the most unadulterated, monstrous amount of crap ever spoken on a motorcycle.

      The beautiful in-helmet intercom audio is all thanks to our Sena 20S intercom system and Sena's audio-pack for GoPro, we just wanted to do a little demonstration for you guys on this magical device, works like a charm - Enjoy!

    • By Bryan Bosch
      ORLANDO, FL – October 15, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Sena Technologies, Inc., a Bluetooth innovator in the motorcycle and outdoor actives market, debuted today the world’s first Intelligent Noise-Control (INC™) helmet EXCLUSIVELY to the media, dealers and trade members at the 2015 American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) in Orlando.

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      AIMExpo has grown substantially since its inception in 2013, establishing itself as one of the fastest growing trade shows in the U.S. and the largest powersports trade show in North America. Likewise, Sena has shown impressive growth and innovation throughout the past three years, solidifying its position as the global leader in Motorcycle Bluetooth technology.
      “We’re thrilled to have Sena unveil its latest innovation here at AIMExpo,” said Cinnamon Kernes, AIMExpo Show Director. “They have been an exhibitor and partner since our launch. Choosing AIMExpo as the place to debut their new helmet and taking advantage of the media and dealer presence exemplifies exactly how the AIMExpo platform was intended to be utilized.”

      New Sena Helment Inside

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      Additional new products being showcased at AIMExpo include the 10S, 10R, 10U, Wristband, Handlebar Remote Controls, and Prism Tube.
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    • By Eric Hall
      Sena is letting me try one of these Prism Tube action cameras (~$119).   I already have my Sena 10C (with camera) installed on my main helmet but since MSR recently gave me one of their MIPS MAV 3 helmets, I thought I'd just install it on that.  I'll take it down to the Baja Rally and see what kind of footage I get.
      Some of the main features:
      1080p 30fps Up to 2 hours of recording Internal mic eliminates ambient (wind) noise Easy on/off button Voice prompts tell you what the camera is doing  
      I will do a complete review later but at this point it seems like a rock-solid basic action cam but with the capability of capturing your voice for the ultimate moto v-logging experience!  It's essentially their video/audo solution sans communication.
      I tried to do a firmware upgrade using Sena's device manager but it wouldn't connect.  A call to support revealed there is no firmware upgrade now so I'm fine.  I also had trouble creating a blank "timeset.txt" file on my Mac that you load on the sd card to set the clock/calendar but managed to figure that out eventually.  A next gen upgrade that would be nice to have would be 60fps given it's an "action" cam.
      I took a few short vids to confirm the camera angle and date feature and they look great so far.  I won't bore you with those however. 
      Image of the Sena Prism Tube:

      And the MIPS MAV 3 helmet from MSR:

    • By Eric Hall
      This seems quite smart from Sena; a battery pack that will charge your Sena or any other 5v USB related devices.
      "But Eric, I already have a battery pack for charging..."
      Yes, but while I love my XP-10 from Antigravity Batteries, the amp draw from my Sena devices are below its threshold and it will shut itself off before my Sena's fully charged.  The Powerbank goes down to 1.6 amps.
      And it's small!  Weighs just 5 oz.