Sena 20S with GoPro audio pack - Recording intercom conversations in Colombia- VIDEO

Look! A Video!

What is it like to talk an amazing amount of crap on a ride through Colombia? Well here is the first person experience, complete with the most unadulterated, monstrous amount of crap ever spoken on a motorcycle.

The beautiful in-helmet intercom audio is all thanks to our Sena 20S intercom system and Sena's audio-pack for GoPro, we just wanted to do a little demonstration for you guys on this magical device, works like a charm - Enjoy!



They are something down there for sure!


That SENA technology is amazing.  Can you believe it's like 2015 and someone finally figured out how to easily pair voice with video?


I'm using the Sena SMH10 here paired via Bluetooth with their Prism camera on our recent IDBDR trip.  This completely changes not just the trip experience, but the subsequent video documentation of the experience.  Love it!


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