Big bike rally raid in Portugal

Hi guys!
Hope you enjoy this small video I put together to share my first road book rally raid with a R1200GSA in Portugal.

I was lucky enough to make an almost perfect navigation through the 2 stages... so, I finished on 2nd place on the navigation rating (just behind the Portuguese ATV champion) and 4th on time/navigation rating (rating used on the Dakar)

It was amazing to see a big bike ahead of a lot of more agile and dirt oriented bikes... It must have been just beginner's luck!  :lol:  :ride:  :P


Love that video!  I'd like to start doing those kinds of events but I haven't seen any local and I'm concerned I might go faster than I should and end up hurting myself :)

Awesome video Nelson. Brings back memories of my enduro racing days. Saludos from Central Florida.

Great video, I'm with Eric sounds like something fun to do on big bikes.

Wow this is such a great concept. Great video too!

Thanks guys... :)


It's fun... really fun! I'm completely hooked!  :wub: 

A new event is being prepared for last weekend of October were a few pros of endure and Dakar are expected... I'm really tempted to go but unfortunatly I think I'll have to pass!

I still don't have off-road boots and suit :unsure:, so maybe I need to improve my gear for off-road first... can't wait to have more!  ^_^

What kind of boots are you shopping for?  I love my Gaerne SG12's.

I'm looking at the sg12's as well. The icon dkr boots are great and more protective than my trials balance boots but i need full blown moto x boots. As far as a suit goes. Just wear khakis with shin guards and a street jacket in a pinch. Boots are must.

Love my sidi crossfires, comfortable to walk in as well, at least for me, but I'm used to wearing boots all the time.

Well I'm not sure yet... I would like to combine good protection with comfort if I have to walk a bit more. 


I have been looking to this boots more like adventure boots:


But I'm also considering to bye ones more robust and with better protection, like the ones used on motocross.

I have to find a store close by to try them... but we don't have many stores and usually I never find my size <_<  (around 12/13 on US size)

I have heard good things about the Forma Adventure boots.  I had the BMW Rallye 3 boot, which is actually the Forma Dominator Comp and it was pretty good.

I also heard good things about these... have to find a place to try them! :D


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