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Hi from Portugal!

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Hi guys,


My name is Nelson Santos and as you may guess from the topic title, I'm from Portugal. I'm 33 years old, started riding 2 year ago on a BMW G650GS and one year later I switched to is big sister R1200GSA from 2008.

I dream to have a XL Adventure... so while I don't get it, I try to go to all meetings and rides I found near by to improve my riding skills and have fun.


Check my post on the Pictures and Video area about a rally ride I went last week: https://xladv.com/topic/384-big-bike-rally-raid-in-portugal/?p=2246


Wish of good adventures to all,  ;)


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We all dream of an XL adventure, but ultimately an adventure is where you find it, if it takes you to new places, you ride new trails, challenges your ability, it's an adventure, we all can't ride around the world, but we can explore new places, that video looked like a good adventure, wish I could have done it, it's funny everybody wants to go someplace else to ride, when there are great rides in our own states or countries, learn to handle the big girl, your young, one day you'll get that adventure of a lifetime, you know a big adventure is really just a bunch of small ones put together, so make memories with the small ones until the big one happens, happy trails Gary

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Thanks Eric.

World is becoming more and more close with the internet and technology's!  :) It's great to be able to share experiences and seek knowledge with people that is literally in the other corner of the world.  👍


Well said Gary... it's so true! Sometimes we forgot to give time to things and live rushing and forgot to really enjoy what we have, when we have.

I have to say that for my age I already have quite a journey! :) 

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