Master link issues

I think I already know the answer, but I'll pray I'm wrong for once, on my 990 adv the chain has started slapping, at least that's what it sounds like, Did 525 vx chain around 7k miles, ktm 17t front super sprocket 45t rear, most of the mileage is interstate, Utah to Tn, Tn to AZ and back, the rest nothing real hard, I know shoot me, but there is a reason, checking it today the master link has enough play to warrant replacing the chain but the rest of the links have no play at all, none, with the bike in gear on the center stand it looks like the chain is popping as it goes around, tightens up when master link hits a sprocket then pops back out when it comes off, I can't afford to shorten the chain, is there anyway to repair the two links the master link hooks into, I hate to replace the chain so soon, never had this happen before, thanks Gary

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is the master link a rivet or clip type?

Get a new master link and try replacing it(under 10 bucks) yourself. Hopefully it is just the master binding up and replacing it will fix the problem, if not you may need another piece of chain to shorten/patch it or buy a new chain.

It's a rivet style link, the link actually moves inside the two links it hooks to, if I had a good section of chain I would add it, guess I'll by a new one and keep this one for parts incase this happens again, thanks

So I got my new chain in with a new breaker/riveter. took the old master link off and found the problem




Both of the links that the master went through were oval shaped as I had assumed they would be, going to leave this chain at 120 links which will work fine with the 45t rear sprocket, and if this happens again I can remove the 2 bad links and still use it. Anybody need a 116 link 525 chain in good shape  :)

Interesting condition at that mileage for sure! The master link should have come from the Manu. with plenty of grease pre applied. Perhaps the links were improperly set together previous to riveting or maybe not fully premed over enough allowing to much play between the plates , causing a failed seal. Glad you replaced! Chain safety should not be taken lightly.

I'd have to say its the bike rebelling that it's in Utah and not being wore out off road!!

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