What is 99% round 1% flat

My front rim,



I know its not bad, been that way since I bought the bike couple yrs ago, found a new pre owned Excell 1.85 with stainless spokes somebody bought from Woodys and never used, they are selling their bike so I got the rim at a good price, first thing was to take the old rim off the hub



kind of looks like a mechanical spider with a few legs missing


Next was to install the new spokes and lace the new rim, pretty straight forward after I realized which spoke goes on top, then installed the wheel back on the bike to snug up the spokes


P1000026_2529 copy.jpg


Actually got the new rim trued better buy sight than the old one was, now I just have to wait for my favorite white truck to deliver my new truing stand, torque wrench, tire, tubes, chain, chain tool and I'm going to try the glass beads for balancing, will continue post when my goodies arrive, and will do a review on my choice of new tools, Happy Trails Gary 

Impressive!  Not an easy task for sure

Santa came buy today and paid me a visit, gotta love the fact that Rocky mtn atv and Motorcycle superstore both have warehouses in Ky, 2 day delivery woo hoo, now to find time to play, looks like I have a date saturday in the garage, will post pics

Interested in hearing your thoughts on the beads.


I've tried em, now just put air my tires.


Highly recommended


ok so I set up my new Tusk truing stand, will do review on tools separately,P1000037_2545.JPG

installed my wheel and started tightening the nipples with my torque wrench (48inch#) only to notice that some of the spokes were coming through the nipples by a full thread and most of the rest you could run your finger over the nipples and feel the rough edges of the threads, :angry:  so thats not good.P1000044_2552.JPG

I had already checked the length of the spokes with the factory ones and they were about 8-9mm longer, but the old ones didnt come to the end, so I figured this was right,  well I've sent the fine folks at woodys wheel works an email about the length of the spokes as I cant find anything that says what it should be. So for now we will just have to wait for his reply :( and hope for the best. I will say I like the truing stand, got the optional dial gauge with it, only one minor issue which I'll post in the review.


       I also got a spoke wrench from Tusk, small, light weight, but sturdy, interchangeable heads, comes with a set of 8, but one problem, it only goes to a 6.8, which is what my nipples are suppose to be, but they don't fit, so I took a file and opened it up a little, no problem, got out my new Tusk torque wrench, which goes up to 6.9, but it didn't work so I opened it up also, still like the tools and would buy again. Will do a better review with pics on these also..


  Question, I want to carry the reg spoke wrench on the bike and was wondering what are the popular size ends that fit the other adv bikes, GS's, Tenere, Tigers, ktm 690, even the 400 and 500 enduros, if any body knows please post as I would like to carry some of the needed sizes but not all, to help out a fellow adventurer.  To be continued............ :D  

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I talked with Jerod at Woodys and he told me what to do with the extra length of my spokes, so I've got the rim ready to mount, but one thing the seller didn't tell me and I didn't notice until I got the rim assembled was it has an extra hole for what I assume would be a rim lock or could run a tubliss system which I have thought about, but for now I'm just going to install a rubber valve to fill the hole, it has rained her every day for over a week, hurricane season, so haven't been in a hurry to get the bike back together and my work schedule has been killing me, going to have to have a talk with my boss, wait I am the boss, oh well. Will get everything mounted up this wk so hopefully be able to go for a ride this wknd if nothing comes up and it doesn't rain, but then I won't melt.

So I finally got my new front tire in, so I left my job early Mon after noon, got the tire mounted, installed the glass beads to balance it, got suited up for a short ride to Check the balance of the tire, rolled the bike out of the garage, fired it up, put it in gear and it wouldn't go, put it back in neutral then back in 1st still won't go, then I remembered I took the old chain off and hadn't put the new one on yet, the way I had the bike parked when I took the front tire off made it to difficult to get to the chain so I was going to wait until I got the tire on and could move it, man don't you hate getting old lol, maybe tomorrow I can get home in time to install the chain and go for a quick spin

So I got home early enough tonight to install my new chain and go for a quick spin, actually went and got a hair cut, took her out to the bypass and was only able to get up to 80 due to traffic, but balanced perfectly, not even a hint of a wobble, the dyna beads did there job, 21x1.85 with rim lock, 1 oz of dyna beads, will mount the rear sat and go for a longer run, need to install my heated grips as our lows are already going into the 30's

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