Skiveez for your head?


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    • By werx
      What are your 'must have' items? What annoys you about jackets you've owned?
    • By Bryan Bosch
      Anyone run one of these or would you? I know they are not new per se, but I can't say that I see many in use. So, I thought it might make an interesting topic.
    • By Mero
      Just wondering what socks you guys use? Was thinking about getting some klim socks but figured i would see what else is out there
    • By Eric Hall
      I know it's such a small niche what we do (ride big adventure bikes) but my XLADV wardrobe aside from a few t-shirts I picked up at a trade show is not that imaginative.
      I saw this t-shirt Tolga Basol was wearing and asked him where he got it.  He said "ADV Addicts."
      This is the one he had that I though was cool

      Of course, who would want one of these?

      They have more shirts as well as hats and surely more to come...
    • By Eric Hall
      I have frozen for the last time and need to get some good heated gear.  I rode with a heated vest once and it was heaven.  I've heard of Gerbings but don't know much about them or other brands.
      Zach uses Tour Master Synergy 2.0 vest and likes it.  Any other recommendations?
      I ride in SoCal where it's only cold in the winter and by cold I mean between about freezing and 50.