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another ADV bike

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of course, by definition, this would qualify as XSADV.



"When the apocalypse arrives (zombie or otherwise), you'll need to be prepared for anything. Part of said preparedness should certainly involve transportation, and thanks to the folks at Motopeds, there's a legit option. The Survival Bike: Black Ops Edition hits the trail with a compound crossbow, fuel storage, shovel, tomahawk, harpoon, blade saw, climbing gear, lights and a smattering of tools and knives. To keep you on the correct (read: covert) path, there's a handlebar mount for that trusty smartphone or GPS unit needed to navigate. Unfortunately, there's no word on pricing, but the company's regular chassis kit includes everything you'll need minus the 4-stroke engine for $1,999."  -Engadget





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There's a butt for every seat and it would seem that a lot of preppers don't worry too much about the budget for stuff like this. Not for me, but I still think they are cool, mostly because they are different. Ok, off to the garage to figure out the best way to mount my AR on my Tiger. ;)

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