The Ride Must Go On

I was fortunate to meet Tolga Basol of Ride Must Go On last year.  He is riding his KTM 1190 R around the world and had just completed Istanbul to Magadan.



He had a friend, Caglar, join him and the two of them stayed at my place a few days then went on to Joshua Tree, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, etc... up to Vancouver to get his 1190 R he had shipped over from Russia.  He was riding a borrowed 640 that Warped Rotor now owns :)


We met back up in Death Valley in December and he stayed with me a few months as he sorted out some mechanical stuff, his documentary projects, etc...


He finally just released his latest "Episode 2" that includes his time here in the US.


Tolga is in Costa Rica now staying w/Chris White and I'm sure enjoying the jungle trails.  He will continue south into South America and then eventually hop over to Africa and continue on up and back to Turkey.


check it out!

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