Recovered Motorcycle

While on an epic 8 day ADV ride through Colorado and Utah I received a random phone call from Apache Junction, AZ police department. 


They had finally recovered my XR650R that was stollen in 2007!!!!!






Hopefully I can buy it from the auction as I got an insurance payout on it way back, but it sure does bring back good memories.





That is random!

I thought if it is recovered stolen property they would just give it back?  You have to "buy" it at auction or just pay them some kind of recovery fee?

Because it was plated with full coverage the insurance company technically buys the bike when they pay out on it(same for a car).  Some companies allow you to buy it back without going to auction, aparently American Family does not.


Still working out the details, and yes Eric very random phone call.

That's great,what are the odds, a gentleman here in Tn had a 67 (I beleive) corvette stolen a few wks after he bought it new, he didn't have insurance so lost the car, about 4 yrs ago they found it when someone went to title it, longest vehicle recovery in Tn,it was fully restored, since he had no insurance he got the car back, talk about an investment with interest, but it was up at the corvette museum in Ky when a sink hole opened up under the main floor swallowing a handful of vetts, not sure if his was one of those.

Damn!!  They rode it like they stole it.  

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