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I want the off-road traction of the TKC80s, but with a front that has a more rounded, less pointy crown, so the transition from upright to the first few degrees of turn-in is smoother and more positive, a weakness of the TKC80 IMHO.

The TKC-80 21" front for sure.  Their 19" front is plenty rounded.

My 21 is not a pointy crown, it is actually quite flat. It must have something to do with the 1190R wide front rim. I wonder if there is a perfect rim width that will give you the profile your after.

I am absolutely stunned how well the TKC corners on my bike. The rear I am able to get it to slide a rounds effortlessly but the front stays planted.


Front and rear are doing very well for me out in Death Valley. Made short work of both the very sandy and washed out West Side road as well as some rock steps at Goler wash

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Yes, itching to try the new tubeless Motoz Adventure tires on my 1190 R when they become available - they look great.  So far I've only been able to eak out around 2000 miles on my rear tire from TKC 80, Mitas E09, and E10's.  Current tire is Shinko 805 and I have about 2500 miles with more to go.  I just ordered another for the next rear since I don't know of anything else to try.  My front TKC 80 is still intact with 7500 miles. 

2000 on an E09?  I would guess at least 3,000

What can I say?  The E10 wasn't any better and that is a 40/60 configuration versus the E09 20/80.  I was disappointed.  Maybe I'm a little heavy on the throttle. 

Those 150 horses will certainly do that!

Just wondering what's going on with these tires? I can't find them for sale anywhere!?

From what I can tell they are not available yet. The only estimates I could find said Spring 2016.

I was told last week that there's a container on its way and that they should have tires for sale in "mid February"


My rear has just over 3,000 miles on it and still plenty of tread.  Amazing.

Search ebay. I found them there.

Search ebay. I found them there.

I looked, no findy

Bummer, I just looked again.  They seem to be all gone now.  =(


They were there last week.  

Yeah those have been out for a long time.  The two new ones are the Tractionator Adventure (70 dirt/30 street) and a new Tractionator GPS (50/50)

They are up on Motoz site.....soon

I posted a review of the 150/70-18 as well as the 90/90-21


Pacific Powersports posted on our Facebook page this morning saying "Feb 15"

Man that's a great looking tire, going to try to grab one before I go on a ride first of March and then for March Moto Madness

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