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My guess is that all the tyres are same out of the factory (not so far from where I live here in Thailand) and have been rated differently for whatever reasons.

This is from the manufacturer's website:


That's good enough for me, I figured I'd run them anyhow. Here's link for what I found. 



I was just reading through the Motoz website, and I saw that they plan to release the 150/17-18 Tractionator Desert HT mid 2017. 

Yes I'm going it give that a try later this year.

The big question is whether to run the 140/80 or the 150/70? The 150/70 tires nearly double in price. While having a conversation with the Dunlop guy, he made a good point about 150/70 vs 140/80 on a 4.15 rear wheel. He said, "not all 150/70 tires are actually 150/70, there are plenty of 150/70's that measure 140/80..." I know that to be true in the world of truck tires, his statement would suggest that what a tire measures, and what it is labeled as are two separate things.

Never looked at the price, but valid point. 

With my off road focus there's also good reason to run a slimmer tyre.

Looking at speed ratings for the 140/80 I'll be going with the 150/70 as it's another R rating the same as the front.

I've bee doing some reading about car tire speed ratings, in general this is good to know. 

Essentially, the speed rating of a car tire is based on the lateral flex of the side wall. The amount of flex in the side wall is what allows the tire to respond to steering input. The higher the speed rating, the thicker the side wall, as the side wall gets thicker it flexs less, thus tire responds quicker to be being steered. These factors are multiplied the higher the speed. 

This information applies to car tires, but I couldn't find anything saying that it was car tires only, or only applicable to automotive tires. 

My Motoz Tractionator GPS rear with over 7,700km wear.






Can't get used to the unique tread pattern,visually, but it sure seems to be wearing nicely! No weird scalloping or edge wear.Is this tire very noisy on pavement? Any freeway speed issues?

It's not a road biased tyre for sure. A friend had it on his AT too and complained the windshield would vibrate at low speeds because of the tread. I've only ever ridden on knobblies so don't notice anything.

I had the Tractionator Adventure on before and that howled at speeds. The centre strip of the GPS keeps both the noise and road manners of this tyre, if you pardon the pun, in line...

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I have some Adventures to put on later today after we clean up from today's yard sale.20170311_084220.jpg

Sweet ride, I love the XT. 

Install was super easy. Had to. Do. The front twice though. Argh with. The arrows20170311_144152.jpg

The front may fell buzzy the first 100 or so miles but that went away for me.  I think you're really going to like them in the dirt.

I've got the Tract. Adv front on my 990 , but running the psi only between 24-28 .

Knowing what this tire is meant for , I'm not pushing it on pavement at these pressures , it seems plenty firm enough and ready for off-road without really airing down. YMMV

Initial ride across town impression is that they roll with much less resistance than kenda big blocks. Also the extra meat on them makes It harder to flat foot at a stop and the side stand has a noticably bigger lean.

I have a ride coming up, Just ordered some new tires from Slaven's. Going to try the Golden Tyre 90/100 Fatty front, and a Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T for the rear. For the mixed riding I'm going to keep a set of Shinko's on hand, still sorting out what I need for the long dirt rides. 

Fatty Review


New 170 and 120 widths are out
#Repost @motoz_tyres
Tractionator Adventure 170/60B17 & 120/70B19. In testing now.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 9.26.26 AM.png


That is a meaty beast of a tire!


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