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Any prices on the 140/80-18? I've seen the 150/70-18 for @ $190.

Just google it. I've seen the 150 for like $167. Not sure about the 140. RMATV or Chaparral

I jumped the gun earlier this year but the 170 width Motoz tires are finally in the US market.

Motoz has some news...  

Finally we're seeing the 120's and 170's for the BMW LC bikes in the Tractionator Adventure (70/30) as well as the GPS (50/50).  They've also come out with the new "Mark 2" or MK2 version of their 21" front Tractionator Adventure.  I have to try that one out.

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 8.48.33 AM.png

120_170 Motoz Adventure_GPS New Product Release Press.pdf

Do they mention anywhere what's new about the MK2 front? I had heard some complaints on the forums about the front and have shied away from it so far.

Never read a good thing about the Tractionator Adventure front. I wouldn't use it again either.

Last Motoz front I used was the Tractionator Desert H/T which was better off road but also suffered from cupping after too much tarmac.

Looking forward to see the MkII. Shows a company listens to its customer feedback.



To be fair, the TKC80 wears the same way on my 690 enduro

Here it is: the new Tractionator Adventure II or "mark two."

Motoz didn't tell me exactly what they did or why. We all suspect the overwhelming feedback on the first gen tire was that it wobbles and weaves too much on pavement. Looking at the more rounded crown tells me that's exactly what they've attempted to address here. The first one seemed to rely too much on the center strip of knobs on pavement and that just wasn't enough surface area to stabilize the bike. This rounded crown now tells me that it's going to settle quite nicely and give it proper big bike manners rather than the small bike knobby weave. Motoz did say they view this mark two version as actually even better off road too.

I will test it out on this new Africa Twin that Honda is allowing me to play with for about six weeks and report back.

The outer knobs appear to retain the same configuration between the two versions. They've oriented the new center knobs differently in relation to the outer knobs with greater separation between the center ones. Maybe a little less depth also. 

Because of the center knob layout on my ADV 1.0 , I decrease the psi somewhat to get less squirreliness in the feedback. 

A pretty beefy rugged tire though compared to the oem's that I was running. 

Better rim protection for sure. 

Lets see how this version holds up over some mileage. 

@Rob Watt of TrailMaster Adventure Gear weighs in with a fantastic review of the Tractionator Adventure.  Click on the link for the entire review but here's a short video review:



You saw it here first!

that rear tire is massively sexy :wub:

My experience so far with the rear tire has been almost entirely superior to the Shinko 805 and TKC80. I have a new 1090R and have been enjoying ALL the power the bike has to offer, so I have really been putting this tire to the test, and just happened to do more high speed highway than I usually aim for over the last 2000 miles. The off-road consisted of a variety of conditions including some pretty nasty sharp Gnar climbs, as well as some higher speed bombing through loose gravel, and larger stone terrain. Also, quite a bit of 'sandy gravel' that the Rampart Range is known for here in CO...

I'm sure the tire has plenty of life left and clearly will out last the Shinko 805 and TKC80 without breaking a sweat. On the next rear I will focus on riding a bit more mildly on pavement to see how far I can stretch the wear.


My 90/90-21 Trac. Adv. front has run its course and time to replace it. 

I estimate during its fitment it saw 70/30 usage from 36psi to 26 psi if I took the time to air down on long stretches of dirt roads. 

A rugged tire that did well to protect my oem ktm rim. 

This tire took a good amount of weight to balance with a rebalance check halfway in. 

Being aware of the heavy/tall tread on this tire I tried to go easy on the front brakes on pavement with running through the gears on decell. 

Being an old tightwad I put up with this tire developing a severe tread scalloping and heighth differences to the point of it almost hopping of the pavement. 

My suspension settings were mainly set to sport riding per ktm manual. 

Little over 3800 miles  


Edited by PeteMoto

Look at this! 150/70-18 (and 17) sizes for the Desert H/T!

Can you run tubeless with these?  

This particular on is tube type but I’m told they’re coming out with tubeless as well

This particular on is tube type but I’m told they’re coming out with tubeless as well

This particular one is tube type but I’m told they’re coming out with tubeless as well

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