EveRide: The Plague of the Dual Sport & ADV Communities

Tyler Theobald posted this important PSA about those who make riding big adventure bikes a negative experience.  This is why I started Beyond Starbucks and later this site, XLADV.


This is the problem with some forums, motorcycle and not, where the keyboard jockies who know everything develop a bitter attitude and are jerks to new people.  While we all have moments that are not our best some forums seem to focus the trolls and bitterness into a place that will scare off new riders that may not know forum etiquette about search functions or even realize that they are the third person this week to ask basically the same question. 


As an experienced rider I am guilty of often skipping over questions I should help answer, but I hope not to contribute to the negative attitude.  This site does a lot better about no bringing the attitude to questions asked, partly due to it's smaller size I'm sure.



As a side note Eric, stick this video someplace where new people will find it, and have moderators share this with anyone on the forum who starts making comments like this guy describes to help remind them why we are here.

What Tyler talks about on the video is why I'm here and not on some of the other forums, I've never had anybody be rude to me on other forums but you see it a lot when somebody new ask a simple ? We all had those ? at one time and somebody answered them for us, sometimes I think new people just want to fit in so they ask anything hoping to start a conversation with somebody, let's keep this site clean, fun and at least pg rated. Happy trails.

Yep, I'm trying to drop a few bad habits myself. In the past I've been basically a joker, but this site is very informative and I will treat it a such. I can't completely drop my sense of humor, but once you get to know me like some of you from TT you'll see I'm just messing around the majority of the time, especially on the dreaded oil threads or the obvious troll!! oh yeah one more thing, you will never catch me bashing another bike manufacturer, I've owned or at least ridden them all at some point and can appreciate every single one.

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