PR: New for 2016: Schuberth E1, the Innovative Dual Sport Helmet for Adventurers


ALISO VIEJO, CA - October 15, 2015 - (Motor Sports Newswire) - Schuberth North America is proud to introduce the E1 Adventure helmet, marking the first Schuberth helmet designed specifically for enduro and adventure motorcyclists. Their latest innovation in head protection technology, Schuberth’s E1 offers the comfort, flexibility and safety of a modern flip-up helmet while meeting the requirements for off-road use.




The E1 offers adventure riders a premium modular helmet designed to perform when the ride leaves the pavement. The Schuberth design team developed the E1 in Schuberth’s proprietary aeroacoustics lab, resulting in a helmet optimized for both aerodynamic and aeroacoustic performance. Schuberth’s Anti-Roll-Off System keeps the helmet in place, while the removable and washable inner lining allows riders to keep their helmet clean in between adventures.

One of the most innovative features is the fully articulating peak visor, which can be adjusted to three different positions independently from the face shield and chin bar. The E1 can be worn with both the faceshield and peak in place, or riders may opt to easily remove either piece for the ride. The E1 also features a closable air vent in the chin bar to ensure that riders get enough air as the ride intensifies, while a removable and washable filter will help clean the air in dirty and dusty conditions.


The E1 includes a built-in antenna for Schuberth’s SRC-System PRO. Utilizing the latest in Cardo communication technology, the Bluetooth® SRC-System serves as an intercom with other riders and can connect to a GPS unit, MP3 player or mobile phone for navigation, music listening or phone calls.

The fiberglass shell will be available in 5 solid colors and 2 graphics with 5 colorways for a total of 10 helmet options. Schuberth also offers a variety of tinted face shields, which are easily removed and replaced using Schuberth’s quick change system. The E1 Adventure will be available in XS-XXXL sizes, with two different shell sizes. Prices will be $829 USD for solid colors and $889 USD for graphics.

In addition to launching the E1, Schuberth North America is also unveiling the 2016 Held USA lineup. Joining the expansive collection of Held jackets, pants, gloves, boots, protection and luggage will be Held’s new 2in1 jackets and pants. Utilizing Held’s unique dual chamber design found in several glove models, the new pieces will allow riders to opt for waterproof and wind protection or lightweight venting in a single jacket or pant.

Learn more about Schuberth North America’s lineup of Schuberth helmets and Held apparel and luggage by visiting


I got to see this helmet at AIMExpo and had a demo of it explained by someone with Schuberth.

My take is that it is basically a C3 Pro with a visor and better ventilation.

Since this is more the C3 Pro, some will find the chin too close. I have heard it's not goggle-friendly either.

The fact the visor ratchets out of the way when opened then back down to the same spot is a cool feature along with a built in antenna. For $830-$890 I'm not sure this will go to more than the Starbucks type of adventure tourer but I have a C3 and it is a very nice helmet!


There also appears to be a bit of a controversy in that one of their designs looks a lot like the Icon Variant "Big Game" helmet


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