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PR: HeliBars® Introduces Adventure-Ready Horizon Rebel AT Multi-Axis Adjustable Handlebars for BMW's R1200GS

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Cornish, ME (October 21, 2015) -- Adventure motorcycling is exploding, and for a big chunk of ADV riders, BMW's best-selling R1200GS is the perfect globe-trotting tool, except that it comes with a handlebar only Gumby could love. Coming to the rescue is HeliBars' new Horizon Rebel AT Multi-Axis Adjustable Handlebar Kit, just released for 2014-2016 BMW R1200GS and GS Adventure motorcycles.
These uber-versatile bars adjust the big enduro's ergos in any of three planes to dial in a more controlled ride on that beastliest of Beemer adventure machines. This Horizon setup allows a highly customizable seating posture that dramatically boosts both long-distance and around-town comfort, with the taller bars making for lower-effort maneuvers in tight confines.
The Rebel AT's patented, three-axis-adjustable design strikes at the heart of the GS's ergonomic quirks, which many pilots cite as the too-low and -wide stock handlebar shape. These innovative HeliBars allow wrist angle to be adjusted both forward and back -- over a generous, 7-inch range -- as well as up and down, enabling a more upright riding position, so riders are in better command of their sometimes unwieldy Bavarian Boxer.
Adventurers will immediately find that optimal wrist angle in gnarly terrain or a Starbucks parking lot makes for less stress and smoother weight transfer. The Horizon bars' 30-inch width is 3 inches slimmer than the stocker, allowing pilots to make super-tight turns on the road less traveled - all the way to the steering stops -- without having to reposition themselves, which can be a real boon at low speed.
As for added leverage -- which everyone craves on a 525-pound, 55-inch tall motorcycle -- the Rebel bars offer it in spades, thanks to their width and a more rearward positioning. What's more, the big Beemer's levers and controls can be adjusted in mere minutes for challenging off-road conditions, then re-tweaked when hitting the pavement. With custom adjustability like that, GS riders can make the next state line before lunch in comfort.
Made from high strength tubing, investment cast alloy steel and solid, 6061 billet aluminum, the rigid, flex-free design helps riders better decipher the nuances of front-end feedback.
Engineered to fit ABS and non-ABS models, the HeliBars are bolted on with high-quality Allen-head hardware. The burly risers match the grand-touring machine's stout, rugged look and require no modifications to install. What's more, they're kit is engineered to accept all factory electrical components and retain the stock hydraulic lines to minimize complexity.
Engineered, tested and manufactured in Cornish, Maine, the Horizon Multi-Axis Adjustable Handlebars, and all HeliBars products, are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee via Heli's 30-day return policy and come with a one-year warranty. 
Please visit HeliBars.com for more information about HeliBars' innovative product line or call 800-859-4642. Additional company-related news is available on its Facebook page and YouTube channel.
Defining Features
  1. Direct stock replacement
  2. Fits ABS- and non-ABS-equipped bikes
  3. No modifications necessary for installation
  4. Position-adjustable up and down, forward and backward, inward and outward
  5. Independent wrist height and reach adjustability for ultimate rider fit and comfort
  6. Allow brake and clutch lever angles to be adjusted in minutes
  7. Taller and more rearset than stock and other aftermarket handlebars
  8. Minimized wrist, shoulder, neck or back pain caused by extending beyond the comfort zone
  9. 30-inch width allows full turns to the steering stops
  10. Improved leverage and handling, especially at lower speeds
  11. Rigid, flex-free design and high-quality construction
  12. 100% satisfaction guarantee via a 30-day return policy
  13. One year warranty
  14. Engineered, tested and manufactured in Cornish, Maine
Retail Price: $595.00

Press release distributed by PowersportsPressRelease
on behalf of Heli Modified


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