2016 Dakar: Rally Pan Am Team

Dakar entrants will be announced later in November but this is a team you should track:  Rally Pan Am. 


They are the US's only Dakar team (bikes) and consist of Ian Blythe and Scott Bright.


You can show your support and even get some swag here!


I am going to dig deep to get some of their fine swag!


Plus, this will be our first chance to field our very own "XLADV F5 Crew!"

I was a Riff Raff guy back when Jonah was racing for Rall Pan Am. I was impressed with the amount of info supporters got. I didn't feel like they just took my money and went racing but rather was allowed to peek behind the curtain and learn about what I was supporting.

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Getting closer!  Can't wait.

So it turns out we have 5 Americans on bikes this year as you can see in this recent ADVPulse article on the topic


Team Rally Pan Am:


#105 Scott Bright

#106 Ian Blythe


Team HT Husqvarna Rally Raid:


#145 CR Gittere (I met CR at AIMExpo in Orlando and he may be at AltRider's Taste of Dakar this March)

#103 Alexander Smith


Team HRC Honda:


#48 Ricky Brebec

Another great article with interviews with the 5 US riders

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