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Norway 2013

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We went to Norway in 2013.

The journey started at 22/07/2013 and shamefully came to an end at 5/08/2013.


I was 23 years old at the time and it was my first real "adventure". My husband and some friends wanted to go and see Norway, but Norway as it should have been. Many tourists visit only the coast and the North Cape (which we didn't do...) we visited the East side of Norway extensively and then some patches of the West. I must say it was my first real adventure on a bike and it left some scars. I only want to visit and discover more pieces of Earth since then.
I bought the BMW 650 GS Dakar the year before as travel and adventure bike, but got scared of it during an offroadtraining. The instructor at the time sent us through a patch of dirt that I couldn't handle, and I probably fell 25-35 times in that one patch. The instructor eventually got sick of picking up my bike and drove me and my bike to the asphalt again. Stating I would never be able to handle my bike in dirt correctly... So I got scared of the heigh and weight of the Dakar, my husband helped me get on it again, and eventually he persuaded me to go to Norway with it. It was a very good decision of him to let me do that, because I needed it, and now I know... that Dakar is a butterfly in the mud, I only needed some time to appreciate what it can do.


But... back to Norway.... So some friends and my husband wanted to see Norway originally, not the tourist way. They decided to take the boat from Kiel to Oslo. That part of the journey was only highway so very very boring. Plus I am a very carefully girl that doesn't want to get the engine getting any trouble or ballast. So my husband had to stick with me on the hightway doing only about 100-110km/h... Luckily Bart is very compassionated.




We get to Oslo with a most comfortable boat trip I had ever done! Entire pubs, pools and restaurants are made into this ship. I come from a very modest family and this is truly the craziest thing I had ever seen in my life till then. A boat that is an entire community lol. And only for 16 hours of sailing... we were awake the first 8, drunk then, and slept a little in the tiniest cabin for four ever!


We arrived in Oslo just fine and after some miles we got our first modest offroad, some really nice gravel that Norway has to offer. Unbelievable flat little rocks with more traction than asphalt.

Check the video for more. (Vids get better everytime, this was the first one I ever made...)




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Part 2



Oslo - Lillehammer - Trysill



After the first part of Oslo, we went to Lillehammer. Google maps takes us through asphalt roads, which we didn't. If anyone wants our gpx-files, don't hesitate to contact me.


To Lillehammer and Trysill we get our first offroad and gravel paths, we had been longing for this over 9 months. We though we were true adventurers but whilst ignoring stubbornly all the rusty campers and 4X4. Norway had a lot of sheep, but they did not seem to be bother by us a lot.

At the second day to Trysill in Oyer, the province Oppland, we see a moose. She is a female without majestic antlers, but she is beautifull all the way.

Soo this is her..; lol





At day three the men get their gears going and at sometimes I really have to push the Dakar to its limits. The two KTM 990's and my husbands GS1100 wipe the floor with the gravel, sometimes leaving me behind in the majestic scereny. But i don't mind. This country is the most beautifull that I have ever seen. And it is only day three of 28.
When we get to the province of Hedmark, the landscape has changed from gravel to forests. Which makes the photos turn from greysh/yellow to lush green.










I have no idea how to get the pictures in a proper size... punch me...



We have a thing in Europe about the campingfires, we have coleman or omnifuel. Me and my husband had a Colemanfire and our friends an Omnifuel. Turns out they could only use the Omnifuel-fuel... why the heck call it OMNI-fuel it it only lights up their fuel???
No matter... at the campsite one of the Omnifuel-fires broke down and burned down part of the camp... the owner came up to us with a bottle of scotch yelling, Yeaaaaaahhh fire to the peopleeeee....





We took a small bypass to Sweden, just to have been there, but we got soaked to the bones and returned very fast to Norway again.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv5d3zjdM8Y      video part 2


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBOm4vasoIE     video part 3


 In vid 3 and just returning from Sweden something most stunning happened. We passed a troop of reindeer !! The just continued to graze and runn around when we passed them on the road. This was most amazing after such a rained out day...










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