GS Trophy 2015 - West

Placeholder for the GS Trophy competition this weekend at RawHyde in Castaic, CA

You can see Landon Norman has his F800GS all ready to hit the road. Good luck, Landon!


We have arrived!



Time to get some rest, navigation challenge in the morning!


First challenge of the day, pick up the tennis balls and move them to the next cone. Don't dab or drop!



I rocked the rope challenge! Unfortunately the rope touched the ground twice so I got 0 points!


No bueno.  Is it all clutch work to get around that barrel and hold the rope?  

Wish I was there! Take lots of pics for us

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Is today a qualifier for order tomorrow?

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A lot of guys were smart enough to use their throttle lock. I followed their lead, I couldn't have made it through without it because of my Rekluse clutch.

Brother and I are headed up tomorrow to hang out and watch the riders. Should be there around 11 or so.

Brother and I are headed up tomorrow to hang out and watch the riders. Should be there around 11 or so.

post up pics and video if you can

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Alright I'll have a few more from my camera once I pull them off, but here are some that my brother shot. A lot of riders were already finished with their run by lunch when we got up there, so we missed a lot of good action unfortunately. 


Few good water exits





Enjoying some airtime:




Teeter totter balancing: 



And the best dismount of the day.

Rider was fine and up bouncing around after this. Unfortunate since he had an incredibly clean run before this. 


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looks so awesome, I need to look into this!!!!

Great pics, Jeff!

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