(Sold) Acerbis hand guards $20

These were on my 2004 XR400. Alittle trail thrash but they work perfectly.

$20.00 plus shipping

Call or text me




Are you sure those are legit Acerbis?....the whole set-up looks remarkably close to a set of knock-offs I bought on eBay.  What did you pay for them new?  What vendor did you get them at?


I'm not trying to wreck your sale...I know $20 won't fund your retirement...$20 bucks is a great price even for knock-offs.

They're roughly 13 years old, I was recently digging through my storage at my parents house. Saw these from my high school riding days.

They may just be the first version of this model.

I bought them at a Honda dealership in Eureka, CA when I bought my XR400.

What size bar does your xr400 have? 7/8?

Sorry I'm not sure. They fit the stock handle bars. I remember they didn't fit when I upgraded to a set of Protapers. I sold this bike about 10 years ago and can't remember to many details.

bar ends should be good on everything, however the clamps look to be for 7/8th bars.  look at the profile shape vs fat bars.  Also fat bars haven't been in use for 20 years.


Thanks for the good deal, it was an easy transaction.

Got them today, thanks for the good deal.

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