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DR350 Help please

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Hi all, New here though I have read quite a few posts and I reckon you guys will be able to help me out.

New to me 98 DR350 with TM33, standard no mods. It's been a farm hack by the looks of it and hoping to get it running good and restoring her a bit.

The thing only starts if I jump it, I can kick it all day and it nearly runs with the occaisonal backfire if ive pumped too much fuel in, it idles ok and will get up to speed as long as I don't accelerate to hard. After half throttle it breaks down terribly!

I'm not experieced enough to tell if its a lean or rich issue.

I have stripped, cleaned and blowen out the carb, jetting is 37.5 pilot and 132.5 main.

I was sure it was just fouled jets but after a clean out it does the same thing.

Float height is 14mm and idle mixture 2.5 turns, before I stripped it the idle mixture was 4 turns and had the same symptoms.

I'm thinking now maybe its spark that is just too weak. With the plug grounded I get a spark but I have no idea if its enough. It would kinda explain the 2 issues but not too sure.

I see most of you guys talking about at least a 140 main jet, could it be that the open throttle issue is jet related, too small? and that the starting issue is something else entirely and I'm barking up the wrong tree thinking spark?

Or maybe its a timing issue, valve clearance was going to be my next check but I thought I'd whack off a post first and see what you guys think first.

It's saturday afternoon and nothing is open so cant go get jets, the bike owes me nothing but I am starting to get attached! Somebody stop me from drilling out the main jet to 150... it's the closest bit I have lol

As per the BST40 bible, I followed all the instructions with the appropriate amount of cold beer so I think I deserve a little win for my days work 

I look forward to your advice.


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Ive worked out that the snorkel is removed, im also not sure about the air jets. Looking from the airbox side should the big jet be on the left?

I'm kind of confused what your asking, most of the carbs I clean will take a while to get through the idle circuit and clean it. If you use a sonic cleaner that can help or steam. I use "barrymans Chem dip" it's not as good as it used to be but it's safe on rubber parts. One carb I had to soak for a few weeks, but it did clear out. I'm not sure if that is what your issue is or your question.
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