Joshua Tree - Dec '15

This was another nice gathering of the Italians from San Diego:  Franco, Eric, Bruno, Paul, Dale, Michelle and I.


Most of them have some association with fine restaurants so if you ever get invited to one DO NOT TURN IT DOWN!  :)


They are staying today and coming back tomorrow.  I had only time for one day.  We got there yesterday around 1pm and found Paul who had been there since the day earlier.


Got the tent set up

IMG 3564

IMG 3567

And the essentials

IMG 3568

The rest of the crew showed up later and set up their stuff.  Eric has a hammock set up he loves.

IMG 3574

IMG 3575

Beautiful light out there

IMG 3581

IMG 3585

IMG 3586


IMG 3587

Eric brought some old oak staves from a barrel that was like 50 years old or something.  It burned really well.  Very COLD out so that helped.

IMG 3588




The ride into Jumbo Rocks campground

IMG 3595

My very own parking spot!  The ranger said only "2 vehicles per site" so I hid mine in the tent.

IMG 3600

IMG 3608

IMG 3610

IMG 3612

20151205 164035

Marley the moocher

20151205 164108


Video too!


You can see the first few videos from my iPhone are fine but then when it goes to the GoPro you can see the lens is all scratched.  Need to get that fixed!


Last night's menu was:


Marinated pork loin with pasta fagioli.  Dessert was apple pie.

Drink: Prosecco then a dessert wine.


Breakfast this morning: 

grilled potatoes with egg, cheese, oinions and leftover diced pork loin.


Oh man, great people! Awesome

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