Cibola, AZ - Dec 31, 2015

Eric L and Mike T and I came out to Cibola today via the Bradshaw trail. Really nice riding. Some deep sand and a few technical sections but not too bad.

We saw Salvation Mountain.



Today's ride took us south to Yuma. Great tracks with some sand and some rock d860930a436453f4b6fde0513608f24b.jpg


Today's ride back was so amazing. We did the rest of the western end of the Bradshaw trail. It was easier that the trail out on Thursday but still challenging enough to be fun. This will be a new event for sure!

Eric L got a flat and it took us 90 min to fix only because we didn't get the rear brake assembly on correct the first time.


Lots of sand







Did a funny video too  :lol:


An event sounds good Eric. It's good time of the year to be out riding the desert. We are suppose to get a good amount of rain the forecasters say for next week! 

We had a great ride!  Here's video of Slab City to Cibola.....less rapping and more riding :)

Great vid!

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