PR: Wolfman Luggage Rocky Mountain Saddlebags


2016 Rocky Mountain Saddle Bags

Updated Part Number M1016

We have revised and made numerous improvements on our popular Rocky Mountain Saddle Bags.


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The 2016 Improvements include:

-Flexi-Side Panels, offering a much wider range of capacity, 23 to 33 liters. Also making the bags and load compress and secure to the side racks more stable and securely.

-The internal Stiffeners are now in sleeves.

-2” Top Compression Buckles provide better load management and stability.

-Four 2” D-Rings on each bag for more accessory options

-Revised Shape to keep bags level to side racks.

-Revised Waterproof removable Liners.

-More Tailored Appearance.


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What Stayed :

-Wolfman Legendary Quality Materials and Construction.

-Universal Saddlebag Strap rack mounting. 

-Ability to add Bottle Holsters and Rolie bags.

-Reflective Striping.

-Heavy Duty 1680 Denier Wolfman Ballistic Vinyl Fabric.

-35oz. Vinyl Bottom.

-22oz. Vinyl Back, Front Mounts, and Removable Back Pad.

-Secure 6 point mounting System using Heavy Duty 1” Metal Cam Buckles.

-Carry Handle.



-Length: 16”/41cm Top, 15”/38cm Bottom

-Width:  10 ½”/ 27cm Top, 8”/20cm Bottom

-Height: 13”-16” / 33cm-41cm depending on amount of roll.


Capacity: Each

-23 liters / 793 expanding to 33 liters /



Bags All Black with Black Vinyl, Liners Yellow

Part Number: M1016


Retail Price:    $499.99

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So Wolfman is out with yet another new edition of their Rocky Mountain Saddle Bags.  They are $524.99 and I did get mine free to try from Wolfman.  Wolfman is not a paid sponsor of XLADV.

I've been thoroughly satisfied with my last set and will gladly sell them to you (for the right price of course!).

These new ones seem to be both a bit larger as well as a bit more flexible with packing size as well as fit on the bike.  There's also more d-rings which make attaching things like a Rolie bag easier.  I'm eager to try them out on our Copper Canyon trip coming up next week.

Details from their site:

Completely New and Improved for 2018!

The 2018 Rocky Mountain Saddle Bags have undergone a major transformation. A revised “U” shape helps carry and compress the load. Now 10% larger, these are the largest, most comprehensive saddle bags we have ever produced, the result of years of R&D testing and refinement with a World Class R&D team. A secure mounting and compression system keeps these in place on virtually any side rack using the included Universal Saddlebag Straps, while still allowing quick release from the side racks. Internal stiffeners, held in sleeves, secure the load making them become almost rigid and firm, not floppy. Flexi-Side Panels allow both smaller and larger loads to be compressed securely. And we've added a grab handle on each bag.

Packing and unpacking is made easier due to a subtle tapered shape -- the top is slightly wider than the bottom. The included waterproof liners roll and buckle closed, slide in and out easily and make it simple to keep gear dry. The liners are made from durable polyurethane-coated nylon with sealed seams to keep water out, and are yellow, making it easier to see items inside. Total capacity is a voluminous 36+ liters for each bag.

These bags are sewn in Wolfman's USA facility utilizing our own custom vinyl-coated 1680 denier ballistics nylon fabric. The bags have 22oz. vinyl sides, and one piece back to front overlay. Reflective striping runs horizontally from front to back. D-rings on the top and front of each bag allow easy attachment of a Small, Medium Rolie or a 303 Small Rolie as a top bag for even more capacity or just for convenience. Or add a Wolf Bottle Holster for fuel or water.

For 2018 we made the following improvements to these already great saddlebags:

U-shaped side profile uses a single piece High Density Polyethylene Plastic (HDPE) Stiffener
Flexi-Side Panels allow a much wider range of capacity, plus improve load compression and create a more stable and secure connection to the side racks
The single piece internal stiffeners are now in sleeves
2” top compression buckles provide better load management and stability
Four 2” D-rings on each bag for more accessory options, like a Rolie Bag or Wolf Bottle Holster
Ability to carry a Wolf Bottle Holster or Small 303 Rolie on the back
Revised shape to keep bags level to side racks
Revised removable waterproof liners
More tailored appearance


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