Scouting Trails for Taste of Dakar

Out here in Pahrump scouting trails with Curtis and Sky for AltRider's Taste of Dakar in March
Yesterday's route across the dry lake bed.

I was cold riding up and stopped at Tecopa hot springs to warm up. This is a pic I found on the Interwebs. I thought this lady looked funny

Cold this morning

Lunch at Pioneer Saloon







first half of today


And second half


Curtiss got food poisoning from the beef tongue burrito he ate at El Jefe's so I'm coming back a day early.



Stopped at China Ranch


So do XLADV members get a preview of the routes before TOD?

Nope  :)   They belong to AltRider.


This was sure a good time, though.  The challenge is that this is the event's fifth year in essentially the same area; third year with the same lunch stop. So coming up with new ways to get from A to B and back again is interesting.  Some sections may inevitably be the same as in last years but we found some new stuff that will keep it novel and fun.


I see the courses as basically one for the adventure novice that is scenic, fast and fun; one for the more experienced big bike rider and then one for the small bike rider who likes a good challenge.  Nothing's finalized but I have in mind a return liaison section for the intermediate course that takes the rider through some of the most beautiful Joshua Tree forests you've ever seen with some really fast dirt sections back to Pahrump.


There's a HUGE amount of history in the area from the pre-Columbian days of native tribes to the Spanish colonies to the Mexican land owners to the mining of the 1800's and the Wild West.  The Old Spanish trail winds through the area and was a trade route between Santa Fe and Los Angeles.  It started with mule trains bringing woven blankets out to what would become Los Angeles and then returning with horses and mules.  Many native tribes were picked over by Spanish and Mexican slave traders.  The Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings is one of the oldest saloons in Nevada and has a few bullet holes with descriptions of the victims by the local coroner and is said to be haunted by those killed.  In many ways Nevada is still the Old West and there's a lot to see there you won't see in your own hometowns like gambling, fireworks and prostitution.  I was pre-running a route two years ago and the Pioneer Saloon was mostly empty except for the bartender and a woman who we figured was a prostitute after she showed us her "goods."  That's Nevada for you.


I grew up in Arizona and cannot stand to be around the desert in the heat of summer but in the winter and early spring it's one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Did you mention that you have to go back again for another weekend?  

I am going to play around with what I have and consult with AltRider.  I will go back if I have to but not sure at this point.

Any idea if TOD is filling up fast?  

I am having knee surgery Feb 25th to clean up my meniscus.  I need a few day to see if I can be back in shape to make it.  

Not sure.  Call them and ask.  You have about six weeks to recover.  Worst case you ride the scenic route?  Wear a brace?

They have 30 spots left.

Amazing places, great pictures.... Your bike Eric is stunning!!!

I'm looking forward to this event this year Eric! Some buddies I met at JLR off-road class last year are planning to attend as well.

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Quick question. Are roll charts necessary for this event? Or map, gps only ok?

Quick question. Are roll charts necessary for this event? Or map, gps only ok?

There are no roll charts, just gps tracks

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