GPS Devices

There are lots of devices out there, and here are a few that are popular in the DS and ADV riding communities.  I put this list together based on the # of GPS devices I've seen come through the lines working the GPS table at Dual-Sport and ADV bike events like the Anza Borrego Desert Dash, Big Bear Run, LA/Barstow/Vegas, etc.



By popularity:

  • Garmin 60CSx
  • Garmin Montana 650t
  • Garmin 76Csx
  • Garmin 62St
  • Garmin 78Sc
  • Garmin Rhino (2way radio and buddy tracking)


60 series has been discontinued but you can still find them on Amazon and Ebay for about $200.  These seem to be about the best units unless you want more real estate, then the Montana is the goto.



There are also other ways to run a GPS device on your motorcycle, using a mobile device and an APP.  There is another thread up for those types of apps.  Personally, I use both the Garmin 60CSx and a 7" Panasonic Tough Tablet running the APP and the Riding Social App.


This pic doesn't show the Garmin mounted to a ball on the top clamp, but you get the idea.



Very cool!  I run the 60CSx too and it's great as long as you're okay with only having 20 tracks of 500 points or less.  Hard lesson learned that if you don't first filter those tracks to less than 500 using either Mapsource or Basecamp, that they get truncated and you're lost.  The 62 was supposed to overcome that but then they ditched the bullet proof 4-pin power plug design for a micro USB or something that breaks due to the vibration.  If and when I upgrade, I'm going with the Montana.

I just got my Montana today, and so far I like it. I went with the Montana 600 vs the 650 or 650t for the following reasons. The 650 adds a 5Mp camera - who wants OR needs a 5Mp camera. The 650t adds to the 650 with 100k Topographic maps of North America - Worthless in my opinion especially when you can download 24k Topo maps online for FREE! (Garmin's are 150 to 200 bucks per region)


I get all my Topo maps for free here:


I have been using these Topo maps for years on my eTrex and other devices. I just loaded them on my Montana, and they work swimmingly!


Lastly, I went with the Montana because it works perfectly with Touratech's locking mount - a win win!

I love that site too.  I paid like $100 for what I thought was the entire Southwest and found when I was in AZ nothing but blank space, so I went to that site and got the AZ, NV and UT topo maps



My 62stc was used out west from Death Valley, various Utah and southern Colorado areas earlier this year. Now, it sets in a drawer since getting the Nuvi 395. When I return out west next year, the 62stc will be brought along as a back up. 


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