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AltRider's Taste of Dakar 2016

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Here are some photos I've been taking. Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy being here.

Got to meet Simon Pavey! We are ADVADDICT twins





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Even got some great shots out at the dunes....

Presented Simon Pavey with his very own tshirt and tool roll from Lost for a Reason


Landon got a great seat up front next to the legend himself. Maybe we will see Landon do the Dakar one day?


SAW some wild horses



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You're going to want to see this fantastic video Brad Barker of The Ride of My Life put together on our Taste of Dakar with Simon Pavey weekend.


I hope it really gives you a sense of what a premier event like this is all about as well as insight into a racing legend Simon Pavey is.


Okay, so you're going to want to see Brad rag-doll into the side of a hill!  C'mon, let's just be honest?   :lol:



Thankfully Brad was okay; just a bit dusty and a bit less bold than the previous 15 minutes (understandably).


We went out to these dunes on Friday to simply get some video footage of big bikes in dunes; something you don't see every day.  Each time we've been here in years past it's been a lot more moist.  This time the sand was drier and a bit trickier.


I never even attempted that hill before because I wasn't sure I could get up enough momentum to get up it.  It's really steep.  When Brad fell, I could literally not climb up the hill; I kept sliding down.  But when Brad did it, I naturally had to follow.  It was super exhilarating too!  When I got done the adrenalin pumping through my body was making my hands shake!   :lol:   I know it looked easy and on Rich's 690 it was a lot easier but on a big bike it's a big question mark as to whether you can make it to the top and then what happens if you don't.


After this we wrapped it up and headed back to camp.  Brad was monitored for signs of concussion but luckily didn't have any symptoms.


Wear your gear!  ATGATT!

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