Hello to you all !

Hello to you all ;


I am an experienced movie maker and  GS1200 rider.

I drove bikes since 17 years in different countries(Turkey,Germany,Switzerland,Italy etc) .

Now I am based in Los Angeles-Ventura and would like to know you guys better.

Hello to all good hearted bike riders 





Welcome! We have a decent group of riders in your area, so if you want to hook up for a ride, shouldn't be an issue...  :thumbsup:

Welcome, Yalcin!  I am in Irvine so I'm sure we'll have an event we can meet at sooner or later.


Do you ride much off road?

Welcome Yalçin, im also new here, enjoy and safe travels

Thank you all for warm messages ! :ride:

No Eric , I don't ride off road too much. :)

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