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Replacing the rear shock on my 05 12GS, which bikes can I take a rear shock from?

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Hi there, I just broke the rear shock on my bike and am hoping to upgrade, but don't want to spend 2000 dollars. Hoping to find something better than my old stock shock for well under 1000 bucks. Ideally a stock shock from a much newer 12GS.


I'm a tall guy, 6'5, so I don't mind if the bike is taller. And I know that if I get a taller shock I might have some problems with the center stand and or kick stand, I am willing to cross those bridges when I get to them. I will also figure out what to do with the front end height after replacing the rear shock.


So my questions are...


1. Are there any newer stock GS shocks that I absolutely should use? Shouldn't use?


2. Will a taller shock put undue stress on my axle U joints? I'm a big guy and ride my beast like a dirt bike when I'm off road.


3. What random tidbits of info or stories do you have about rear shocks on my bike? Any info helps.


Thanks so much

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If you are just doing the rear shock I'm sure you can find something decent for a lot less than $2k.  I'd recommend calling Ted Porter at the Beemershop or Alex Martens and Konflict Suspension.  I bet you could get something going for $600-$800 probably.


I bet you could also find a used oem shock on ebay for $200 but how long that will last and how it will perform will be questionable.  I totally transformed my GSA into a whole new bike when I upgraded my suspension.  Best upgrade ever.

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