Trans-American Trail

What is the best bike for the Trans-American Trail, I'm thinking the BMW GS 650 would be but I'm leaning towards the 800 for the extra ponies? Or maybe a KTM 690 or Xr 650 which both are WAY better off road but surely not as comfortable or sexy and definitely have storage limitations. I live in Colorado so this spring / summer I'll probably do a couple multi night warm up trips locally to Moab on portions out here, which I guessing is pretty good stuff. I'm a solid rider off-road with years of mx and trail, but some experienced input / stories / time frames / etc would be appreciated. 

I have not done the TAT but have heard that it's not big bike friendly so the smaller the better I think.


My buddy James did the TAT a few years ago and did a film about it.  He was working on his bike here and got struck by lightning!


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