Hi from SA

Been on the facebook page a while and not sure why i haven't joined the forum yet.

Been riding bikes many a year and love everything about it.

Welcome!  Any pics of your bike?


I have been wanting to get over there to ride at some point.


I know Michnus Olivier and Matt and Megan Snyman who live there.  I have a few posts at WildDogs forum too ;)

Welcome. Glad to have you!

Thanks for the welcome guys. I joined the dark side 6months ago and got a KTM 990 adv and loving it, been riding bike for 20 years on and off.

Good people as ive heard from other WildDogs, ive been on that forum many a year.

Yea man we have some great riding here, id you ever get a chance you should do it, just be warned that once the Africa bug has bitten it doesn't let go


Love the orange ones. Who would buy a white KTM (Eric)?  :P

The orange really does stand out

The orange really does stand out


I miss my last Orange one...


Nice one awesome view also !! Can play allot more on that than the larger bikes.

Unfortunately my local riding now isn't nearly as good. :(Flat, lots of sand, and doesn't change much. But, the worst day of riding beats the best day at work, right?

Dont worry i work away from home weeks on end so dont get much time to ride anymore.

But your right about the worst day of riding beating the best day at work !!

fyi, I'm fudgypup on WildDogs

Sweet, will keep an eye out. My name is the same there as here

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