What folding mirrors do you like?


The stock mirrors on my Tiger 800XC are great, but they don't fold on the trail and this is pretty much the #1 point of contact when riding bushy trails. So, I'd like to upgrade to some folding units. What is out there that is durable, easy to fold/unfold, and are solid enough to not vibrate on the highway, making them pretty much useless.



The touratech units look nice:


Any other brands that should be on my list of consideration?

DoubleTake is my favorite and made by amateur Dakar racer Ned Suesse.



Ram ball/sockets do hold incredibly well. Anyone else?

These have worked well for me on the project 990 from Rottweiler Performance


Reviewed here



How about these KTM oem Enduro mirrors


I've been running a set of hand guards with mirrors from Highway Dirt Bike. For longer road trips I throw the stocks back on. 

HDB set-up is pretty sweet along with their custom handlebar clamp.Looks to be the ultimate combo. 

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