RTW on a Victory: Grizu "Grizzly"

This guy is trying to break a 120 record for riding around the world.


For one, I'm not sure this is the best bike for that but I guess we'll find out.  Two, what's the point of going around the world in such a hurry?  Seems like a huge lost opportunity.  Also, open face helmet?


What do you think?


ADV is defined by the rider, if this is what makes his heart go boom! boom!, I think it's great. Not how I'd do it for sure, but then again, he IS doing it and based upon where I'm at in my life, I probably will never get the opportunity. I wish him well! Also, i've been riding long enough to remember only having open face helmets to choose from. Not the safest for sure, but then again, I live in a state full of riders in shorts, flip flops, and no helmet.

We should go after and do what makes us happy!  If that is his thing, which him all the luck... 

I'd love to do it... even in such a rush! Hope he succeed.

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