Video of Tigers being ridden well...

Lords of Atlas - Alcan 5000


Lords of Atlas - Mexican 1000

The Raiden Files - Portland to Dakar


Triumph Tiger 800XC - vs. The Dunes

Verkin, Utah


Schyler AF Singletrack

Where's the video of you riding?

Where's the video of you riding?


Thread title is "Tigers being ridden WELL." I'm still working on that part.  :ride:

I know those guys who did Coyote Flats above!  That road is no joke.  5 miles of deep sand getting to the foothills.  That is part of our High Sierra ride this Labor Day weekend  ;)


That's Lior (my mechanic) and Moshe.  Former IDF so don't even try to mess with them   :lol:

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