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IMS Rally Footpeg

Looking forward to trying these new Rally pegs from IMS Racing I got from Rottweiler Performance.  IMS is also know for their aftermarket gas tanks (smaller bikes) as well as shift levers and more.  I'll do a review of these and report back later.
As I understand it, the benefits are these pegs won't dull like aluminum ones, don't require screwed in teeth that can break or get lost and are stronger so they won't leave you stranded should they strike a rock.

The description from Rottweiler's site:


The 'Rally' series pegs have slightly 'dulled' cleats that while offering better traction in wet environments, are not sharp to the touch. A great combination of superior boot traction and safety.
Designed specifically for Adventure riders by Adventure riders, the IMS 'Rally' series pegs vastly improve comfort and handling and are one of the more aggressive platforms for KTM motorcycles with standard foot pegs (IE; not Super Duke or RC8 bikes). The large overall length and width enhances comfort and the benefits are felt navigating dirt roads and on long stretches of open roads. The platform spreads the boot contact patch and lessens stress on the feet, legs and hips. Using body English to change directions of a 500lb+ bike is vastly improved as the pegs add leverage. Leaning the bike over and pivoting from one turn to the next is more efficient while providing better control when riding off-road
Superior Comfort, Enhanced Leverage, Lifetime Warranty and built in the USA by off-road market leaders since 1976. 
Fits all KTM motorcycles that have moto style foot-pegs. (IE; not Super Duke or RC8 style street bikes)
-5mm Down
-5mm Back
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