Overland Expo West 2016

Showed up here at 6:00 tonight after a 9 hour drive. Set up the tent and then got to bbq'ing some steaks ;). I see a lot of familiar faces too.


IMG 6292


Overland Expo West started out as an expo for overlanders; primarily the 4 wheel kind and has developed more and more of an adventure motorcycle presence year after year.  I attended for the first time last year and that report can be seen here


Last year it was very cold and snowy.  The year before I heard it was like 90 degrees.  This year it was cool but very windy all day Friday and Saturday; so much so that it busted a tent pole on my Redverz Atacama tent!  My problem was the wind shifted and I didn't then re-position the tent so the small end was still directly into the wind.  The zipper helps spread the load when it's zipped up but when we opened it I think it transferred the load to the center pole and it just snapped!  I'll have to figure out how to get that fixed.


As to the motorcycle presence, there's an entire row of motorcycle vendors and manufacturers there.  This year we saw KTM show up in a big way as well as Alpinestars.  The rest seemed to be the usual cast from year's past:  Wolfman Luggage, Giant Loop, Cyclops, Black Dog Cycle Works, RawHyde, Clearwater Lights, Lost for a Reason (charity), Mosko Moto, etc...


Iain Harper of Overland Junction with Ed March

IMG 6319


What's so special about these events aside from all the ogling of moto and 4wd toys is the social factor.  Just try to walk from one end of the other without getting into one conversation after another with so many familiar faces and interesting people.


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Michelle brought her new Yamaha XT250 and we went on a fun trail ride Friday with the folks from Adventure Riders of Arizona.  She did very well for her third ride (didn't fall!).


13254399 1906960922864037 418615403742220263 N



  • Met a lot of great new friends and saw many old friends
  • Fun trail riding
  • Better weather
  • Paths had gravel this year so less mud
  • Amazing exhibitors and classes


  • Wind wasn't fun to deal with but it's all part of the adventure
  • Trash bins were hard to find
  • Water hard to find
  • Shower set up in moto camping area wasn't functioning


Did you go?  Show us your photos!

Here we go




Good morning


Good morning



Good Morning !!

Michelle, we all know my bike is the one that counts


Look at this little 390 adventurized.


My glamping dream


Dave and Heather of Riding Full Circle joined us last night. We grilled some steaks and enjoyed a beer or two

Dude got stuck in the mud


Saw Ed March and Iain Harper




Mo's 990


IMG 6328


This photo sure caused a lot of discussion as Ed March was trolling the BMW riders.  :lol:

Wandering Beast just posted a video of our group ride...


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