XLADV Project Bike: Cyclops Adventure Sports

Darryl VanNiewenhuise is the owner of Cyclops and has been a long time XLADV member (Off Road Rider).  He wrote this article last year on lumens: facts vs fiction that should give you a good idea of what goes into a quality light.  Cyclops is a premiere lighting company that started out of a need to provide better lighting on an adv bike at night.  Since then they've evolved into the experts in led technology.


Wandering Beast and ADVGrrl both have Cyclops lights!  Here's a video Wandering Beast did:



Cyclops will be providing lighting for the #xladvproject990 in the form of:



IMG 6331


I was running the Rigid D2 auxiliary lights and I could immediately tell the difference; they shown farther and brighter.  They really lit up that meadow out at Overland Expo!


I think the H4 led bulbs are on back order so once those come in I'll get it installed and be able to show you more.

Short vid of install. Luckily I had the wiring and brackets all set to go from my last set of aux lights


I'm running a pair of their H4 LED bulbs in my Jeep TJ. Amazing output!

Rob Dabney of ADVPulse just published this fantastic field review of these auxiliary lights from Cyclops.



I guess now I have to get a set! They look great compared to the wimpy ones that came with my Baja.

I did the H7 lights on my 1200. The light from the high beam is so bright I have to flip the switch to aim them down or the reflection from any sort of sign is close to blinding.

I have some D2's that I'm in the process of changing to a wider beam pattern so that I can use them for fog lights. Other than that I can barely tell that they are on with the new cyclops.

Brian Englund just put together this brief video review showing his set up on his 950SE he's taking to the BAJA RALLY™


Darryl from Cyclops sent us a new H4 LED replacement bulb for the bike.


I'd searched all over for a video on how to replace the bulb and couldn't find anything so I made my own video!  I was replacing bulbs on the GSA every 5k miles but the KTM has been much more solid in that regard ;)


And a look at what the new bulb does.  Sorry I didn't have any pre-LED comparison so you're kind of left to infer from my reaction how much brighter it is.  Keep in mind I'm not even using my auxiliary lights.  I'll test them in combo in Death Valley next weekend.