Scorpion Introduces A Modular Adventure Touring Helmet


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Redefining the definition of value and versatility.

SANTA FE SPRINGS – June 1, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – The new EXO-AT950 is a modular helmet with a removable external face shield, an internal drop-down tinted sun visor, and costs under $300.

“After three years of development, we are delighted to bring this new product to market.” says Frank Esposito. “We’ve known there has been a demand for a modular ADV style helmet for years, but we wanted to make sure the helmet met all the needs of the Touring and Adventure Touring community.  We have been asking people what they wanted in a helmet and why, and we feel we have done a great job of meeting their needs.”






The first thing you will notice is the huge eye-port, allowing you to see more of the world around you.  The peripheral field of vision is exceptional making it easier to look over your shoulder when doing lane changes.  If it’s really bright outside, the internal drop-down Speedview® SunVisor can be lowered easily with gloves on while riding.  The external peak visor is designed to have very little lift and be quiet at highway speeds, but can easily be removed without tools.  “Then you add the fact that it’s a flip-up modular helmet for under $300 and people can’t believe it.” says Esposito.

Editors and product testers have been very helpful by providing feedback during the design process.  “The visor detentes, drop down sunshade and vents all operate very smoothly. The liner is comfortable as well.” says Carl Parker publisher and editor of ADVMoto Magazine.






“The AT950 actually meets the needs of a lot of different types of riders and that’s what’s going to make this helmet so popular.” says’ Mr. Esposito.  “It will obviously appeal to the Adventure Touring crowd, but with the peak visor removed, it’s also a great touring helmet.  Additionally you can remove the face shield and use goggles for when it’s dusty.  The aggressive styling will also make it popular with the Urban riders and the UTV crowd.”


The Scorpion AT950 is available in three solid colors: Matte Black, Matte Anthracite, and Hyper Silver and retails for $269.95.  The Neocon graphic is available in Hi-Vis Neon, Bright Orange, and Phantom silver and retails for $289.95.

About Scorpion

Scorpion Sports, Inc. (SSI) produces an extensive collection of Scorpion EXO® branded motorcycle helmets and technical riding apparel in its own state-of-the-art production facility staffed by more than 400 skilled technicians. Scorpion Sports USA operates a corporate headquarters, design and distribution center located in Santa Fe Springs, California as well as an eastern region distribution center located in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Scorpion motto “We Live In Our Protection” translates to better, safer, more comfortable solutions for every rider and riding style – street, sport, off-road, adventure, touring, V-twin and ATV. Throughout its history, the Scorpion brand has been recognized for innovative design, premium construction and high customer value. For more information




Perfect, wonder how well it will accept aftermarket bluetooth communication?

Wow I want this helmet!. I was considering the Nexx XD-1 but I really like this lid's look! For under $300 that's a great price.

Perfect, wonder how well it will accept aftermarket bluetooth communication?

If you look at the review on, it will accept comm devices fine, even comes with velcro already inside! The peak looks is there for looks only, like most are. Why can't anyone make a peak that can block oncoming sun?

If you look at the review on, it will accept comm devices fine, even comes with velcro already inside! The peak looks is there for looks only, like most are. Why can't anyone make a peak that can block oncoming sun?

Thanks for the heads up. The peak I'm told is mostly for blocking roosts, which explains why they are on all dirt bike helmets.



Great video!  I like the stop for the espresso!

Great video!  I like the stop for the espresso!


But they edited out the stop at CVS for Pepto... :o

I'm not sure how I feel about that video. Helmets cool

They forgot to include guys like me. I run a tank bag to carry ready made sushi trays so I can stuff my face trailside and a modular helmet is a MUST HAVE. It's just so third world to have to stop and take off your helmet, it's like 2010 or something.

Seriously though I just ponied up for one of these as I finally busted my trusty Variant after many miles' beating. As I said elsewhere, I'd love someone to give me a grant so I could afford an E1 but my Wife gives me the Klim look when I mention it and I'm sick of how snug my Variant is in spite of larger XXL pads. I'd considered the Arai XD4 but she was still eyeing me at 600ish and they are getting a bit dated so it was either another Variant in XXL to begin with or this. If I hate this, I'll send it back and get another Variant as the anti fogging is the best for me bar none (including pinlock), however I realize this is a modular and the standards are different.

I have another manufacturer's modular and although it is comfy, that is all I can say positive about it. It is drafty, noisy and cheaply made out of styrene plastic so although there is a pinlock for it, it is ineffectual in the rapidly changing conditions that one encounters in ADV or DS riding making it a hazard. The pins won't stay in place letting the pinlock leak and let me tell you how much fun it is to have one fog up on you at about 3500 feet or so and you're right on the dew point on narrow rutted muddy gravel. One dislocated left shoulder, multiple bruises and lumps to my side and about 200.00 in Tiger parts later and I'm a bit more critical of my DS lid choices.

Since my business is in a continued slump right now the higher end solutions are out of reach at least temporarily so we'll give Scorpion a chance. At least it was a Yukon jacket of their manufacture that I landed in and the designer actually let me know of a running change in the design due to my feedback so I do feel a bit gratified out of that accident. I should have been wearing my Variant but I assumed that since I had a pinlock in the modular I'd be OK. Bad idea. Please learn from my mistake and have a back up plan as conditions can and do change rapidly out there and injuries can and will happen to us all when they do.

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